10 High Paying Fiverr Gigs You Can Start



I will like to start by saying that the first money I ever made online was a writing job I did on Fiverr.
This motivated me to kick start my online business.

Freelancing is gradually becoming one of the fastest and reliable ways of making money online as their services are needed on a daily basis.
Freelancing involves you performing a particular service for individuals or organizations that don’t have the time to do it and are willing to pay. Whatever skills you have can be used to make money as a freelancer.

Starting a freelancing business is one of the smartest side hustles anyone can do when they have a full time job and can also be turned into a full time job if done properly.

As a freelancer, you need to put your service out there so people can see you and hire you for a job. The job of a freelancer is fun as you get to work on your own pace without any boss telling you what to do.

There are so many platforms where freelancers can join to get freelance jobs but today we will be focusing on one and it is called Fiverr.
Fiverr is a platform that connects freelancers to their potential customers. There are lots of people going on Fiverr to search for freelancers that can help them perform one service or the other.

There is a possibility that no matter the skills you have there is someone searching for it on Fiverr.

Don’t let the rules of $5 per service fool you as you can sell a service for up to a $100 as your seller level increases.
Literally whatever you can think of someone is either selling it or looking for it on Fiverr and the question most people ask is “what are the things I can do on Fiverr”.

In this article I will be list 10 high paying Fiverr gigs you can start and make money

Here are the gigs you can start on Fiverr

Article Writing

If you are a writer and looking to start-up your writing career then fiverr is the best place to start. On fiverr, there are lots of bloggers, companies and individuals looking for people to help them write articles and you get paid $5 for every 500 to 600 words article you write. This might look small but imagine you having this kind of jobs consistently in a week. If you are lucky enough you can get hired by someone to write full time for them.

Graphic Design

Another good service you can render on fiverr is to design graphics for people. You can design logos, flyers, thumbnails, leaflets, book covers etc. This particular gig has the potential to generate huge amount of money. You can charge a client up to $20 for one logo design.