10 important life lessons

This thread is targeted/directed towards life lessons that would lead you to massive success. Permit me to say that you don’t have to be in your 20s before you can apply these lessons to your daily life. Oh yes, it is never too early to learn, neither is it too late, the most important thing is your willingness and readiness to learn. So, yeah, I hope each and everyone here grabs something tangible from these life lessons. Amen?

1. When you are happy, passionate and filled with purpose, only then will you be successful.

It’s not just enough to be happy and excited about being successful, there is a need for passion. Passion pushes you into getting to work in order to fulfill purpose. You don’t just lie down at home waiting for purpose to approach you and say, “bros, how far?” Backup your dreams with actions.

2. What is your Why(your purpose in life).

Everyone has a purpose, you need to discover that purpose. Purpose gives direction to our lives, and without it, life is meaningles. A man without a purpose is likened to a man without an identity.

3. You are three contacts away from a global influencer.

It’s very easy to think that connecting with a great and global mind is impossible. Don’t belittle anyone. That person you know today might know someone that knows someone you need to get in contact with. In all, I would say surround yourself with positive people and avoid toxic people who don’t believe in your dreams. Also, I would say you should feel free to let your friends know the nature of your job, they may just have that contact that would make you a big name globally. One more point on this lesson is this, try being useful in any enviroment you find yourslef. Give good value and use every opportunity to do something amazing in the world. Someone is watching.

4. Anything can be learned. Believe in yourself and know you can achieve anything once you have set your mind in doing it.

Don’t limit your ability to just one thing. The bible passage which states that you can do all things… isn’t for fancy. Anything can be learnt at any stage in life, and thanks to the internet; anyone can learn whatever they want to learn. It could be through podcast, Youtube videos, or even written contents. It is also important to note that it is not just enough to learn, the actions we take after learning goes a long way to help us improve. So many persons have listened to different motivational speakers and have probably caught rhema while listening, but how many actually put this rhema gotten, into practice? Think on these things.

5. No amount of money will make you happy.

This may sound funny, but in the actual sense, it is very true. Ever wondered why Dangote hasn’t retired or do you think if he stops working now he would become poor? No, he won’t. Money means nothing. It is what you do with your resources such as money that would give you massive success. Why else do you think people invest their money?

6. We all want attention.

No matter how you see yourself as a hard nut to crack, the truth still remains that we all want attention. Most of what you see people do on social media is for attention. Attention seekers without a good reason for the attention will ultimately fail. Your goal should be to build some level of influence so you can use it in a positive way and create value for others. As you create value, you will feel fulfilled.

7. Change is gauranteed.

Use significant change in your life as a turning point towards success and see it as a doorway to everything you ever wanted. It is okay to fail, but do not let that failure create a toxic inner world for you, else your outer world will become miserable. Shit happens, sometimes all we have to do is to embrace the smell and move on.:wink:Let that failure lead you to the direction of your Why(your true purpose). It is better to try and fail, than to fail to try.

8. Everyone has their problem.

It is important for you to understand that nobody is perfect. That person you want to be like, has his/her own problems to tackle. Your ability to live in the present and stop looking at the pain tattooed on your mind, would go a long way to help you in fulfilling purpose in life. You may fall along the way, but your ability to rise up and keep moving matters a lot.

9. Look after the inside or the outside will suck.

Oh, I love this particular lesson, not like I don’t love the others o… E get why. Let me explain further. When you take charge of your health and the power of your mind, you get two vital things: boundless amount of energy, a clarity and a focus not many people have. There should be a balance on how you feed your health and your mind. Be positive and intentional about this, and success would be yours. You know why some persons, no matter how healthy they look or how hard they work do not succeed? Check their thoughts. Most of them don’t even believe in themselves.

10. Lastly, but not the least, care less about things that don’t matter.

Things are sure gonna go wrong and people are going to judge you no matter what. Instead of caring about everything that happens, focus on caring about things that matter to you like your purpose or passion, family, etc. The more you get distracted by things that don’t matter, the less time you will have to change the world with your sheer brilliance that is lockwd away inside of you. We are all brilliant if we all get out of our own way and let our light shine brightly.

The above life lessons were shared in The Luminaries Book Club whatsapp group, last night, and I thought to share them here too.


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I hope you found these lessons enriching. Feel free to add your own life lessons, as we are all here to learn.


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