12 Tips On How To Grow Your Natural Hair


I’ve been hearing a lot of testimonies about this weed for hair growth recently o but i"ve gat the guts to try it yet. Do it really work?


@fola Ensure to get the weed first without getting caught…embark on the mixture journey with Shea butter…use for at least a month or two and avoid pull out techniques during the waiting period…#Ghana weaving…tight weaves and all…#didi /weaving will be preferable with room for fresh air…coman testify afterwards


:joy::joy::joy::joy: so many terms and conditions,


I really am glad to know this, i don’t want to cut my hair. So i guess i can still grow natural hair without starting all over again.

I’ll heed your advice. Thanks a bunch!


Beeni…you want hair…you do as instructed/advised…#shikena#:wink:


:rofl: :joy:

Implication of life. i will try and see if i can get and use for a month.

Patience and perseverance will be my watchword.


@fola Yes,but it gets to a stage where you have to trim out the edges once you have a solid base of natchie…I must also tell you…if you are the type that has issues with hair …combing or making…this lane is not for you…because it will defs pain when combing et al…its actually for the brave hearted. …:sweat_smile::smiley::joy::grin: Khykie can sleep when her hair is being made…trust me…


Good :girl::woman:


Just like u said stop applying relaxer and avoid straining the hair I.e low manipulation. Also do didi and use wigs. You may decide not to cut it at once but just trim wen the tips are weak


Yea. I use cantu product cos all their products contain shea butter


You can always apply moisturizer before combing your hair to reduce the pain




To bypass this getting a spray can, add water and small oil, spray and comb, it soften your hair and makes combing less painful.


Can we non-naturals try this too to soften our hair?


Yes sure, it works on any hair type


lol luckily for me, my hair is soft. And so going natchie won’t be a problem, i’d still be able to comb without pains.

Trimming part, i’ll get to that stage sha. It won’t kill me, lol


U say it like u re growing ur hair
Imagining it…
Wetin u dey do for hia sef




Leave him o. You dunno if he’s here on behalf of his girlfriendsss :running_woman:


Not just weed. Weed seeds work better. You grind it urself with a stone and add to whatever cream of ur choice. The seeds are tiny and they’re the most effective