12 Tips On How To Grow Your Natural Hair


ehen weed seeds, where can i get them biko?


Even me that doesn’t carry natural hair, I do this cos my hair is very stubborn and full and black(which I so dislike). I use a full kit of dark and lovely at every retouch to get the results I want. If I use it twice it won’t relax at all.

So I moisturize a lot. A whole lot. Water is my hair food if I loosen it. I have Shea butter,coconut oil and one soft and beautiful moisturizer that has a combination of argan oil,olive oil and coconut oil. Then I use mega growth’s leave in conditioners too after every wash. I buy it for #200 in one saloon like that. It keeps my hair looking healthy and slicky. Also I avoid any menthol shampoo or anti dandruff shampoo. Those things thicken the hair. You wouldn’t need that for a natchie. I don’t think I can ever rock a natchie cos my hair sure feels like one. My sister is rocking it though and it’s so fine. She uses my products


Mehn they don’t sell it oh…if u know any ganger planter in ur area or anyone that smokes weed wella talk to at least two of them nicely,they’ll get it for u. Tip the person like #200 sha


And God helps you if your mother’s friend sees you talking to that guy…:joy::joy::joy:


Lol, that’s a hard one o. i 'll see if i can try my luck

You’re not even nice @pretyprexy maybe you can help me get the seeds sha



I will. Give me a moustache and facecap.



disguise of life, you’ll need a pack of cigarettes too.


My landlord is a Yoruba man and he has it planted in the compound. I didn’t even know what it is until recently when my uncle game to visit and saw the plant. My cousin used it to grow her natural hair.


Your landlord must be don jazzy




Where are you fa? Maybe you can help me get the seeds from him.

Epp a sis :zipper_mouth_face:


I am base in Abuja


Aww. I’m in Lag at the moment


Its okay.


strolling by


Wash it with good soup and put your diet in order. Here’s a good soup to start with Soap & Melt Clear/Transparent. Hope it helps