13-Year-Old Nigerian one of the youngest AI experts


Gerald Maduabuchi is a machine learning algorithmist, software developer, author, cognitive computing specialist, AI expert, speaker, technology consultant and advisor.
— Started coding at just five
— Ran his first program at six
— Started networking hacking at seven
— First algorithm at eight
— First AI software/Neural network at nine
— First application/Api at ten
— Started teaching coding at eleven
— World’s first DeepQA assistant chatbot at twelve
— Authored first EBook on coding
— Mastered over twelve programming languages
— First thesis towards neural networks
— Technology advisor & speaker at thirteen.

He’s earned all these titles just at thirteen. Did you ever do this in your time. Gerald Ogbonnaya Maduabuchi, plans to educate over one million Nigerians for free on coding. He plans to advise the authorities, on necessary sectors, where AI can be applied. He is working towards education, security and healthcare. He has developed multiple projects mostly open-source applications and machine learning algorithms. He lives in Abuja, Nigeria, and he is the youngest AI expert in Nigeria so far in many opinions. Simply intellectIMG_20181103_161756


Great to know about this young AI expert. Could you provide a link to his profile or somewhere we can find him on the internet?