15 Qualities of a Good Husband


:wink:@VivianO has done a great job sharing the qualities of a good wife; I would love to share few of the qualities I think a Good Husband should possess. NB. This is an open post other men in the house should feel free to contribute.

  1. Be a man: Being a man naturally means you are a leader, you will be looked up to on quite a lot of things in the home such as financially etc., and it also means you are responsible for anything that happens in your family.
  2. Be the spiritual leader of your home: It’s sad to see that women are the one’s we see interceding more for the house in the place of worship these days and the men are nowhere to be found, you should be the pastor or the imam of your home, the standard you lay down is what your children will follow and even God expects it to be so.
  3. Your wife should be in-charge of finances: As much as most men would love to argue this, women are better manager than we men, so for you to progress and also be prudent in your financial spending, let your wife be in control of your finances (pray you don’t have a wife that spends all income on clothes and bags sha:rofl:) :wink:
  4. Learn how to fix things: From little things such as changing the remote or the wall clock battery to replacing light bulbs fixing generator plugs, engine oils etc. It brings out the responsible man in you Not everything you call an expert on.
  5. Learn how to cook: Speaking from my end, my dad thought me how to prepare ‘eba’ or ‘garri’, you’ll need this skill especially when your wife is pregnant, has travelled or even a surprise dinner.
  6. Be Hardworking: Your children, wife and even the society are watching, even when things are not working sometimes they’ll understand you’re trying your best.
  7. Be part of your immediate community: When town/community are being held, no one expects a woman to be there, they’ll expect the man of the house; also, try to know your neighbours and be sociable
  8. Be your wife’s best friend: Take her out, be her gist partner, let her be comfortable around you (she can place her head on your laps, you can stroke her hair, give her pecks, tell her you love her etc.)
  9. Learn to say sorry: It doesn’t mean you are weak
  10. Be quick to listen and slow to reply.
  11. Cut the slack on drinks, hard drugs, etc; if possible refrain totally.
  12. Try to appear in jersey (anko) with your wife.
  13. Try to avoid close relationship with other females: Young ladies find old and responsible men attractive, they’ll lure you.
  14. Men add your own @evansakanno @Oluwarufus @NaijaLander @lifeofesse
  15. Ladies you can also suggest what you want your man to do for you sha and tag him so he will know @yeye @Judithpalmer04 @Kachie @debpoppy @KubasuInyanya


I don’t quite agree with this. Being a man should not necessarily qualify you for leadership.


whoever is more frugal should be in charge of household finance.


Not all women


I don’t totally agree with you. As a strong feminist that i am, i still try to always balance the uniqueness between the man and the woman. Yes, females can be in leadership positions and all but as a believer, the bible says that the man is the head of the home. Leadership belongs to the man, in the home and it is the wife’s duty to be submissive. Now this does not mean that the wife should be foolish and stupid, however, anything that both the wife and husband does, Love is key, which is why i always implore people, friends, family and even patients that undergo therapy under me, to always always walk in love. Love covers ALL!!! It is difficult, yes but not impossible so … bYE bYE


The woman can also fix these things, that he chooses to call expect doesn’t make him less responsible


If my man and I can’t get drunk together once in a while, I no do


Hmmm… Mba… not necessarily. My lil sis does all these. so it is not like a guy’s work… And they are people who get paid to do the job… no biggie.

Wetin be this loool

Loool. people’s preference differ. I don’t like guys who are too out there…


Let us reason logically. Having a dick should not qualify anyone for anything.




True tho…


I get your point, he doesn’t have to be too out there, but I’ll make an example of my neighbour, when Nepa drops the bills, he is always nowhere to be found, his wife handles all, when there is an electrical fault and all the men in the house are trying to help out with the electrician inclusive he is nowhere to be found, night guard meeting in the community, he is nowhere to be found, and it’s not like he works far in another state or even overseas… but he decides not to just care


@Monique @NaijaLander I quite understand your point, you should catch fun with your husband, but have you thought about the end term result on the children you have.


I think a few sips of wine once a month won’t hurt our kids. It’s not like your teach them how to drink wine.


There are even parents who drink in front of their kids and still raise them better than your pretentious Christian parent, everyone has a method.


@Drew, there are people who get paid to do the job I understand, but imagine you have a minor household maintenance issue, and you’ll have to wait till morning to fix it because your husband doesn’t know how or doesn’t care…


I understand your point bro, about raising Kids: No Parent Knows How To Raise Kids, but everything goes into kids psychology, why do you think kids from abusive home have a higher tendency of abusing their wives too when grown, Kids from Polygamus homes tends to marry more than one wife in future… as much as we love to shy away from these stuffs, it’s what’s all around us


Yes children learn from what they see.

Your making it sound like parents who take alcohol (moderately that is) could never raise good kids, that makes no sense to me.


Very true, females can be in leadership positions, but I’m talking about a home here, and I get your point husband and wife needs to consult each other before decisions are been made, there should be no room for autocracy, but if the husband is away or dead, the leadership role falls to the wife


No bro, I said cut the slack or if possible Stop, it will help