15 Qualities of a Good Husband


Lol, It shouldn’t be everytime and every occassion but it sure helps bonding of couples


Not for every other leadership position but for your home, It qualifies




No, I don’t mean that, i don’t also support Autocracy but you know you’ll rather have your man act manly or as a man, than a man without an opinion or a stand of his own in public or his home




Good job. Well done.

Observation: let’s try our best to refrain from stereotypes and generalisations, especially when it comes to relationships/marriage. No two marriages are the same. Some men love to cook, some women make more money than their husbands/boyfriends, some men are the laid back type, and some women love to be in charge.

These things are peculiar to each relationship, but we can find topics we’ll agree need to be discussed without the risk of stereotyping.

Thumbs up, guys.


I started drinking alcohol when I was 5, it didn’t make me an alcoholic or a drunk.

That I and my man chose to get drunk together and have fun doesn’t mean we are doing it in front of the kids or teaching then to be drunks.


Wow, really… ‘but can you predict the level at which you children will go?’ and hope you don’t mind If I ask how you started?


Doesn’t care… that shall piss me off…
Doesn’t know… we can work our way around things…
Fixing things shouldn’t be a prerequisite for anything … Although it’s sexy watching a man fix things but ehh some were born “butti” you can beat them up for it…

Doesn’t make him less of a man…
Atleast there is someone to handle it… His wife… Oga is busy with more “money making” activities. Some people can’t just be bothered… His wife will give feedback.


lol, I don;t know what to say sha, you seem alittle unsure about your take on this issue. but I pray you and your man doesn’t get stuck on a journey just when you have a flat tyre and your husband cannot change it to the spare… my opinion though


My father raised me well, I tend to raise my children the same way and even better.

To an extent, I can predict the level my kids will go.


A good husband must be growth-oriented. I understand no one is perfect, we all have flaws and these flaws aren’t black and white. Usually a person’s greatest strength is a hint to their greatest weakness. In marriage, his behavior affects you and vice versa and sometimes his less developed traits will have a negative impact on you. A growth oriented man will want to strengthen his character and work on it. A man who isn’t growth oriented will say your problem and this is the way he is and you need to deal with it.




Nooo… I am just telling you what it is… You seem a little unsure about my take…

I am of the school of thought that you are meant to complete yourself as an individual and stop looking for a saviour, cook, mechanic , electrician in marriage…

What makes you think I can’t change a flat tyre … The world is evolving , Evolve with it…


Correct :grinning:


It’s so cool if you can… much respect sef


it is good if a lady can do these stuffs, but let’s set aside all femininity talks, I understand women don’t like to be restricted or seen as a weakling (and they’re not meant to be seen as such) but some roles are better picked up by the husband or men.


Uncle… sorry we have different background and opinions… This is not about Feminism…
Where I come from, nobody sees anybody as a weakling , we just let people be regardless of what they do or don’t do.
Carpentry work or Electrical work or Mechanic work doesn’t guarantee a successful marriage… So why focus on such little matters and judge a man based on it.


hmmmm… Ok…
background differs


Ore mi, sense ti poju :clap: