15 Qualities of a Good Husband


Like my former neighbor… the man can do everything and na the same energy e dey use beat the wife for house. Who that one epp…


Eeya, sorry about your neighbour… I was guessing as much in my head, sure he lack number one and two character



so you think one man will have all the 15 qualities.?


lol… no o… we are all work in progress, but you sure need to possess some before saying you want to get married


Lol, baba turn the wife to bag


@Drew @Monique @NaijaLander @Deji @debpoppy when i was saying everything works in the human psychology: I once watched a documentary whereby the wife divorced the husband because “He is too good” and I’m like really?:open_mouth: - he is too good to be true for the wife; so I concluded probably she was from an environment where things works the other way around


Toh. That’s another kettle of fish entirely.


My brother… some people are not very okay…

@zoe mentioned something similiar about a girl that broke up with a guy cos he doesnt beat her or he was good… can’t remember the thread…


There’s an underlying factor to this i’m sure. My ex said this same shit to me for wanting a break up but we know better


That’s why some people would remain in a relationship even when the partner is close to killing them. Eran le lo mi(Some people are animals)


I have given this excuse before t some guy on my case yrs back and Heaven knows I just found the guy unattractive and boring . He wanted to use calls and texts to kill me…

I couldnt explain the feeling… He was extremely nice and boring af


You see :rofl::joy::joy:


Lolz :rofl: I understand your plight back then


But I’m sure that’s not the woman’s case, I don’t know if you saw a lady’s tweet say she divorced her boyfriend was too nice - atleast they should fight, or he should cheat on her, or even sleep with her best friend or something, for adventure purposes. And again I’m like really? I thought I have seen it all


Haaaa lobatan, wetin man go do again to satisfy woman. If a man doesn’t keep in touch often nah go judge him. I will just live my life the way it pleases me jare. I can’t come and die because of love. Make I ask self, who love epp, na understanding really matter in every realtionship :grin:

I am very sure, if it is monies the man often send to the lady, she won’t be tired of the relationship. Who no like better thing…Hisss :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Remember I didn’t mention names ooo




:joy::joy::joy::joy: In sakordie’s voice “money no be probelm”

Money or no money there are some people you can’t just connect with, no matter what they say or do.
That’s just Life…


Hmmmm oro agba. I can relate and oh it reminds me of someone.
Money isn’t everything indeed.




I will take my time and disect this thread later