20 Qualities of a Good Wife

  1. Stop Nagging : There is this saying that goes, “A nagging wife is compared to a dripping faucet”. If you nag and complain constantly, It can create an unwanted rift between you and your husband.
  2. Keep your home organized : Believe it or not, there is this saying that goes " A wife is a friend first, a lover second and third and probably most important, a maid".
  3. Be Unpredictable: Spice up your marriage, don’t be a boring wife. Surprise your husband with a gift from time to time . That would surely go a long way in being unpredictable most times.
  4. Give him Space: Do not be a clingy wife. Men love their space sometimes. Engage yourself in chores, work or business that can make you independent.
  5. Express your love: Never fail to tell your husband how you feel about him all the time. Tell him how much you love and appreciate him at every given time. In doing so, there would hardly be separation or conflict in your home.
  6. Be honest: Always be willing to speak the truth. Do not lie to your husband.
  7. Communication: This is very vital in any home. Communication goes a long way in understanding your spouse.
  8. Be Prayerful: A praying wife is a blessing to her home.
  9. Improve Compatibility: Endevour to make sure that you and your husband are compatible in most areas of your lifes. Share ideas, build your minds and listen to one another.
  10. Look Good: Wife’s, do not be relaxed in ur personal hygiene once your married. Make sure you endevour to look good always and take care of yourself generally.
  11. Go on dates: Once in a while, it is advised that couple’s go on date even after getting married. This brings a lot of spice to the marriage.
  12. Accept his friends: Make sure to entertain his friends at all times. Be nice and accommodating to his friends. Trust me, your husband would truly love that.
  13. Be his Bestfriend: Crack jokes, open up to him , share your ideas with him, build a strong hold of friendship with your husband and make sure you are each others bestfriends.
  14. Choose your Fights Smartly: Not everything should be fought over. Be smart in choosing your Fights with your husband. Create a medium of understanding with him so as not to turn your home to a wrestling ground.
  15. Be Yourself: Now you cannot be any other person except yourself. Do not get lost in marriage. Make sure you continue to be who
    you were before marriage and when married.
  16. Listen: Be a good listener. Always be willing to let your husband air his views while you listen. This goes a long way in your marriage thereby creating room for better understanding of each other.
  17. Be Respectful: The man is the head of the home. Give your husband that respect he deserves always.
  18. Show Appreciation: Make sure you show gratitude always. Appreciate his efforts no matter how little.
  19. Be interested in his Interests: Try to know what his hobbies are and get to like his Interests. Trust me, he would really love you for this.
  20. Keep him happy in Bed: Do not deny your husband of SEX. This is a very vital aspect of marriage. Be flexible in Bed with your husband, have fun while at it and enjoy your marriage.

With all this qualities listed, a good home is sure to exist. Ladies, let’s equip ourselves with this qualities and be ready for a good marriage :blush::sunglasses:


This is gold :ok_hand:t5:
You’ve covered pretty much everything.

As much as I have expectations about my husband, these days I also pray for God to bless me with certain qualities to be the perfect wife for him. When you do that, God will send you the person deserving of your qualities.

Thanks for this @VivianO!

Men of Zegist, who would share the qualities of a good husband? Cc @Oluwarufus @Patrickudo2004 @NaijaLander @lifeofesse @Aje @Deji @evansakanno @theunofficialomotayo @Tayo @afolayanit @Enigma @Efe


@NaijaLander is our spokesman… Giddem Hot!!! :no_good_man:


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Good stuff.




@VivianO, can you share with us what your definition of a submissive woman is ?


Your most welcome :blush:


To my own understanding, a submissive woman is a wife who is willing to respect, obey and love her husband irrespective of his flaws





Going by your definition of the term, do you think men ought to be submissive too ?


Hmmmm, now that’s a tricky question. Naturally, men are not submissives. But in a case where a man just has to let go of his little pride, he can be flexible and just be submissive sometimes. But the man has to he dominant most times tho


Why ?


Cos that’s their nature. Men are naturally dominant


Not necessarily. Some men will rather take a back seat and let their wives make the decisions. Do you think that makes them any less men ?


Lol. What’s your own view on this biko


Nah that in no way makes them less dominant. Men in that category are just chilled and would rather prefer thier wifes take the front row. But notwithstanding, they still have to step in and rule their kingdom so as not to be taken for granted




Yes… It is vice versa tho… Cos a woman can be all these and more but if the man aint …, the marriage can’t work…


I personally do not subscribe to the submissive woman label. Marriage is a partnership as far as I am concerned. Both husband and wife hold equal stakes in the marriage. If submission comes in at all, it should be from both ends. This saying, “Men are naturally not submissive,” to me has only been a ploy by misogynistic/chauvinistic men to bend women to their will.

The truth is, if you’re a man who loves his wife, you’ll submit to your wife just as much as she submits to you.

Now to demystify the “submission” thing: it’s not as complicated as it’s made to look. I believe it’s all about listening to each other when it matters. As a man, you don’t single-handedly make decisions that’ll affect the family simply because you’re the “head” of the family. Nah, that sucks. Same thing goes for the woman. Submissiveness involves caring what each one thinks. Listening. Being considerate.

It’s marriage. There’s no boss; only partners who are equally important.