20 Qualities of a Good Wife


I agree.


I laugh in Chinese, I think a man holds an higher stake, whatever happens to your family is on you as a man


God bless you for this


This makes perfect sense. Choose one, this




Wow. So what’s the woman doing in the marriage, seeing as she’s basically a figurehead?


Amen. Thank you.


Hahaha… Can’t I have both? :joy::joy:


No be everybody dey drink, so i thought to give you options. You’re free sir, all yours


Hehehe. Thanks man!


I never said figure head… Our society puts so much on the woman, but the men needs to stand up and realize there marriage is dependent on how they manage it, not just going to work and bringing home salary, my views are shared on the thread ‘15 qualities of a good husband’


See your submission right there. How exactly does the man hold higher stakes in the marriage? Ayam nuh understanding :unamused:


The society already puts so much pressure on the woman, she must be perfect and all that, but a man has to be disciplined and realize everything about his family depends on him also…


I think I’m finally getting to understand your POV. Yes, a typical Nigerian man has a lot of work to do if his marriage is going to work. He has to unlearn a great number of precepts that he’s been indoctrinated with from childhood. Like seeing the woman as an equal, and not a subordinate.


I haven’t watch any of the Fifty Shade of … no view on dominant or submissive gberaga!!! Nice write up tho. Thing is… These days only few women possess these qualities.


How many have you had encounter with though??? :thinking:


Help me ask him o


Must I encounter. The peoples experience is enough


True, it takes the grace of God for any marriage to work. But then, a wife can atleast try to possess some of this unique qualities so that she can overcome alot of challenges in her marriage


Yea, marriage involves both parties. Submission can be gotten from both ends. Be it from the wife or from the husband. But atleast a wife should possess qualities that make her a good wife.


Yea, few woman possess this qualities.