20 Qualities of a Good Wife


so you have not watched any of the fifty shades of …
i/you need to do something about it

i am waiting to goan see fifty shades freed.


I just saw this on Twitter.

Wife material according to this lady is
A girl who:
- Has no pride
- Doesn’t party every weekend
- Dates one guy at a time
- Doesn’t go sleeping around coz she respects her body
- Has never done abortion
- Is busy chasing her dreams not men
- Is indoors right now with 0% alcohol in her body…

That’s a Wife Material


How come all we keep reading about is how women should be good and submissive all the time?

I need to read the 20 qualities of a good husband too. I wasn’t born to just come please a man and then society and die.
Men and women are both imperfect people trying to manage their flaws. As much as this list is good for the eyes, it’s not good for my psychology. It’s a give and take thing. Are you a good man yourself to be deserving of a good woman? If you’re not good, you won’t know a good woman/wife when you see her.
Are you bringing out the goodness in your partner?


Is a “society tagged good girl”

Doesn’t guarantee she can keep a man or raise good kids , be a perfect partner … none of these guarantee a successful marriage…


Life is a journey… we make mistakes, make bad decisions, do good things, we fall, we stand, we learn, it happens over and over again… so we can grow

I am not saying “good” girls can’t make good or interesting wives , but it just doesn’t guarantee anything…
So many girls have been lied to about “PERFECTION” and it is sickening…




My sister!!! The Germans would say “es gibt keine garantie”
We are all flawed. Perfection to someone is imperfection to another. There is no manual to being a good woman. Sorry to disappoint you ladies.

Be yourself, someone that is deserving would accept you flaws and all and would help bring out a better version of you that you never thought you had. My favorite quote is this WHEN A WOMAN IS LOVED CORRECTLY, SHE BECOMES TEN TIMES THE WOMAN SHE WAS BEFORE. Same applies to a man.


My sister!!!

Whether You know different sex positions or not … Persin wey go cheat go cheat
Whether You be chef… cook diverse delicacies, persin wey be woman beater go be woman beater
Be skilled in cleaning and clearing, a man that will be irresponsible will be irresponsible…

So WTH is the struggle to be a material for?
Cos I really don’t get…

Having great expectations in a partner or in marriage is like stage one for failing in it.

If you talk too much now, they will say it is Feminism this feminism that…


An helpmeet, they become one


i don tiya for you. :joy::joy::joy:


So should a husband. Submission is not a female only phenomenon.


hmm… Eph 5:22-23