2019? Same Old Same Old?


Is It constitutional for a nigerian to suffer? Find it almost impossible to find food for his/ her family,is it the Nigerian dream? To get an American or UK visa with no thoughts of coming back, to prevail in europe and leave the rest of the nigerian society scrambling for peanuts, They say it is indeed the greatest form of madness for one to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results, A pratical example would be watching the same movie over and over again expecting it to end differently,then it is fair to say the nigerian society as we know it, is indeed mad
But you see the great injustice in the nigerian soceity is allowed by nigerians, they allow propaganda, lies, religion, hate and the most common in the nigerian society, greed to cloud their thinking, forgetting that the power to change the state of nigeria is in the hands of nigerians, that is why such criminal politician still host campaigns, that is why they waste millions on banners, pamplets, flyers and stickers, because indeed the nigerian vote counts, maybe not for nigerian citizens, but also for the international communities that have their eyes on our democratic system, same international communities whose sanctions would slow business for this corrupt individuals that hold power positions in our government.
How is it possible to be the poverty capital of the world, when you the largest oil producer in Africa, How? Simple answer, Corruption? No! It is “allowed corruption”, Nigeria has been actively been a democratic government since 1999, and corruption which had existed way longer, way into the millitary government and beyond, but why would I call it “allowed corruption”, because nigerians are always given the opportunity to change things with a vote and guess what ? The greed gets the better of most, who sell their vote, carry out voilent riots for men who would be dining in the same room, laughing and enjoying the nigerian money they stole, only to come to tell us, come election year that “the nigerian problem is indeed complicated”, a lie that has biten its way deep into most nigerian’s mentality, here is an analogy, if you have a son who fails math every year in school and he is been dropped some classes cause of his failure, and when asked why he fails math so much, goes ahead and tell you that, “ Oh my, Mom Math is very complicated”, would you play along or scold that child for a lack of effort, we vote the same kind of people into power every four years, so why do you expect a different result than more and more nigerians living below the poverty line, poor nigerians being victims of police brutality, young nigerians jumping into fast money schemes like “yahoo yahoo”.
2019 is time, another time to take hold of the power we have and vote in the right people, someone who cares about you, nigerians have always complained about not having alternatives to the ruling parties,who continually steal and oppress nigerians, but now the candidates are here, nigerians say they lack experience or they should start from local government chairman, but has it not been experience that got nigeria to where it is now? Has it not been the same experience that has 85 million nigerians living below the poverty line? Has it not been that experience that causes ASUU to strike almost thrice a year cause of lack of Federal Government Funds, officials whose kids have not seen a nigerian school, I am pretty sure that even if Jesus would want to be president of our dear country and guess what he will be too christain , laughable and later we’d complain in the buses on our way home about how bad the economy is, but you made that way, when you either refused to vote, sold your vote or voted the same set of people that fucked us up in the first place.