21 ways to succeed in your business as a startup


Hello I am Treasure Osemwegie, I want to share with you 21 ways to succeed in your business. Are you ready!

Are you sure your are ready?

Okay let me just tell you the truth my brothers and sisters.

Forget the 21 boring ways and do the needful.

Business is all about serving people with solutions that resonates with them and services that they will be happy to pay for.

Let me save you the stress, because no time to check time.

  1. Hustle
  2. Make your customers happy
  3. Repeat number 1 and 2



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Don’t forget to put your legal stuffs in check also or else your number 1 and 2 will be in vain.


I made that post because of the challenges the average entrepreneur face on a daily basis.


nice post but we all know this and number 3 doesn’t really work effectively in all trades