239 Nigerian Migrants Return From Libya Yesterday


Federal Government Of Nigeria in collaboration with IOM (International Organization of Migration) have been working together in facilitating the return of Nigerian Migrants in Libya for over a year now.

Many had traveled illegally through the desert trying to reach Italy via Libya before finding themselves in tight situations, thrown into jail for illegal entry or falling into the hands of wrong people and being sold into slavery/prostitution .

On return to Nigeria, Officials from IOM and federal government agencies - NEMA and NCFRMI @ncfrmi_sw (National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons) are always on ground to receive them at the airport.

They would be profiled and Food, Accommodation and Financial assistance would be given to them.
This has been the general procedure since last year as over 3,000 Nigerian Migrants have been returned from Libya.
There’re more men than women, according to statistic 148 men, 45 women and children were brought back.

NCFRMI confirms they are actually 242 Nigerian Migrants as some names were omitted from the Manifest…

The Nigerian Migrants En-route to the hotel accommodation provided for them.
The Edo State Government sent some of their officials to receive returnees from Edo State, who would be taken back home and given support to restart their lives back in Nigeria while NEMA and NCFRMI would oversee the next level of actions and support for the others in Lagos. More information regarding this soon.
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From @nikiloye


At the risk of sounding ungrateful, so the nigerian government cannot charter planes to accomodate more than 239 nigerians back from libya abi, samuel eto paid for plane tickets of one thousand cameroon migrants back home. While here in nigeria, the government is doing collabo to fly 3000 since last year. na wa oh


Na wa! I don’t even know what to say about this… Its just so painful…


abeg o, will the government force them to come down ni? they have been sending planes since last year for voluntary come back but those fellas want to die there. I beg to differ, We all are struggling and they are fully aware of the risks of illegal migration using that route but YET they went… The government will do her best but we should please use the sense God gave us.