3 tips on how to get the best response to your topic


If you think about search engines when composing your topic, you will almost certainly get more people to read it.
Here are our three top tips for composing a new thread so that it gets the best response.

Remember Google

When composing your topic have google in mind, use the right title that relates to what people would search for. The audience that read your thread isn’t limited to the Zegisters alone. When writing a post about "Best gifts for your spouse this Valentine”, valentine is a keyword, gift is another keyword. It is better to include those words (valentine and spouse)and other possible keywords like boyfriend, girlfriend, February 14 in the message of your thread.

Create Engagement

When writing about anything make sure it is in your own words, let your character show in your words so you can express yourself better. When you sound like its an article - people will rarely reply, but the moment you sound friendly people will love to reply you and that will get you more and more response.

Share on social media

When you make a post that you feel is really cool to read, share the link on your social media accounts, click the chain icon, and share on any of the networks and that would bring people in.

Try following these tips to see if your thread appears nearer the top of the search results. It’s good for you and it’s good for Zegist if more people find your threads.


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@Zegist I can’t find Facebook and Instagram amongst my share link. Facebook used to be there before but not any more.


I don’t think there is an instagram share link, sis, or is it just me that never saw it?

I shaa know that I no more see the whatsapp share option, but I can still see facebook and twitter.

Sweet tip: You can just click on the share link and copy the link address, then paste on your desired social media till the issue is resolved. :wink:


Thanks dear…i already tried the copy and paste thingy. It worked.


You are welcome.


There’s no instagram link (yet)


Please how do I respond to private messages that I receive on my account ? What icon stands for ‘send’?


Hey @Princess_Tonia to send a message, you can press the enter button on your phone/PC. But if you’re still have trouble doing so, please let us know.




Yeah… I got it @kachie …thanks a bunch


You’re always welcome!


Thanks for helping out, dear.