30 Things you didn't know


We gats to fear dz people my broda :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I am shook… Well @drew said it is their work


Lol… @Otseluv own is on another level abeg don’t quote me… But Truth be told… some guys can just love up so fast without you leading them on and they will leave you wondering… And some can fake heart break too to see if it will get to you or you will change your mind.


I know people who still do this shit till now, and it’s just so immature, the ones who fake pregnancy as well. Everybody go dey alright last last


Just to exploit right?


Just to exploit right?


Yeah, crazy humans


Shey Kosi? :open_mouth:




30 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. Last drink: Voltic Mineral Water

  2. ‎Last phone call: My mentor

  3. ‎Last txt msg: Fidelity Bank, they placed a lien on my money.:angry::angry::angry:

  4. ‎Last song I listened to: Watchtower - I Can Get Back Up

  5. ‎Last time I cried: Two nights ago

  6. ‎Dated some one twice? Never

  7. ‎Been cheated on? Never

  8. ‎Kissed someone? Never

  9. ‎Lost someone special? No

  10. ‎Been drunk and threw up? Never even drunk sef

  11. ‎Ever fallen out of Love? I don’t understand abeg

  12. ‎Ever met someone who changed Me? Yes. Three. Positively

  13. ‎Used to /still smoke? Never

  14. ‎Ever kissed anyone on my WhatsApp list? Never

  15. ‎What time I woke up today: About 6am

  16. ‎Some things I’m waiting for: My business to start, Marriage

  17. ‎Last time I saw my parents: last month, Feb 2018.

  18. ‎Relationship status: Very Single

  19. ‎Having a crush on someone? Dem plenty o…

  20. ‎Want kids? Yes. But not immediately after my marriage abeg. I need to know my wife; just as even the Bible says “Adam knew his wife”.:innocent::innocent::innocent:

  21. ‎Ever drank Hard Liquor? Of course (see attached Image)

  22. ‎Ever lost sun glasses? Yeah, I almost cried that day.

  23. ‎Kissed on first date? Never

  24. ‎Done drugs? Never

  25. ‎Broken someone’s heart? Technically No, because I lovingly and respectfully explained to her that a romantic relationship wasn’t my priority in Year One.

  26. ‎Had my own heart broken? Well, childhood love, yes. But as an adult, Mehn, (in westlife’s voice:) “this heart is Unbreakable”

  27. ‎Ever been arrested? Never. But mom used to leg cuff me to a pole in the house sha.:joy::joy:

  28. ‎Ever turned someone down? Yeah, politely and I still respect them for their courage.

  29. ‎Best friends: Not anymore. The first I gave the space “broke my heart”

  30. ‎My last assignment before I sleep: Depends - pray, sing, read, meditate, Facebook, WhatsApp, play PES, etc


Lmao! Special case




Ewo tun ni very single bayii ? :joy::joy:




On phone or Playstation?


Phone nu o


That’s how we roll


Everything about you sounds so interesting tho


Last drink: Cold garri water :see_no_evil:

‎Last phone call: An old friend

‎Last txt msg: Gtb telling me different ways to spend my money :tired_face:

‎Last song I listened to: Simi ‘you complete me’ video

‎Last time I cried: Can’t remember

‎Dated some one twice? Never

‎Been cheated on? Yes

‎Kissed someone? Yes

‎Lost someone special? No

‎Been drunk and threw up? Yes, I experimented, told le boo I wanted to know what it feels to have a hangover. And we jejely bought a big bottle of Jack Daniel and it happened. I got drunk, threw up and turned the house upside down :laughing:

‎Ever fallen out of Love? I don’t understand abeg

‎Ever met someone who changed Me? Yes. Positively

‎Used to /still smoke? Never

‎Ever kissed anyone on my WhatsApp list? Yes

‎What time I woke up today: About 5am

‎Some things I’m waiting for:

‎Last time I saw my parents: December 2017

‎Relationship status: Very married :smiley::smiley:

‎Having a crush on someone? Still seriously crushing on my husband :heart_eyes:

‎Want kids? Yes.
‎Ever drank Hard Liquor? Yes

‎Ever lost sun glasses? Yeah,

‎Kissed on first date? Yes

‎Done drugs? Never


Sweet marriage. Nice one. I encourage people to come out speak up about the beauty of marriage. The suffocating stories we see on social media do not represent what marriage truly is or should be.

I’m proud of you.