5 Easy-To-Follow Exercises To Cure Your Premature Ejaculation

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Sometimes, controlling premature ejaculation is simply a matter of practicing certain techniques or exercises to put you in control of your ejaculation. First, you need to understand why you’re ejaculating too soon. It may be a physical or psychological problem

Learning how to perform these exercises is easy once you locate the PC muscles.

The PC muscles are actually pelvic muscles that control the ejaculation process by determining when to let the seminal fluid located in the prostate gland propel through the urethra duct and out the penis.

Here’s how to locate the muscles and perform these exercises:

  1. When you visit the bathroom to urinate, try to stop several times in mid-stream by squeezing. The muscles you squeeze are the PC muscles that control the flow of urine and also ejaculations.

  2. Now that you know how squeezing the PC muscles feels, practice a few times a day by squeezing them (not when urinating) tightly for about 10 seconds. Then, relax them for about the same amount of time and squeeze again. Repeat the exercise 10 or 15 times.

  3. Practice stimulating yourself when you’re alone. Pay attention to the body’s signs that you’re ready to ejaculate and try to stop it just before. Notice how your body feels when you suddenly stop. Wait awhile and practice this method (stop and start) again until you feel you have control over the ejaculation.

  4. Use lubricants when you stimulate yourself. This mimics the warm, moist area of a woman’s vagina. Practice the start and stop method again until you’re comfortable and in control of the ejaculation.

  5. Practice building up the amount of times that you can control an ejaculation by starting and stopping. You’ll eventually be ready to try the method with a love partner.

However, Premature Ejaculation does not affect men the same. This problem is not the same for a man who ejaculates before penetration and another who ejaculates right after penetration. Therefore, Premature Ejaculation treatments can be different according to how severe the problem is.

Even though many may not admit it, premature ejaculation is a problem plaguing over 40% of men worldwide. Sexual performance has actually been linked to a man’s virility and masculinity. However, the most typical sexual complication dealt with by men is really premature ejaculation, whether it is merely an occasional incident or a consistent issue. Research has shown that premature ejaculation can easily be an irritating and humiliating complication for any man

There is always a great deal of pressure on man to satisfy his partner, so when he feels he is not able to do this he becomes stressed, which can actually worsen the problem. When a couple have the ability to talk about their sexual relationship, it will definitely take a lot of the pressure off and bring couple closer together while working to resolve the problem.

Man will certainly last longer by just discussing the issue and soothing the worry. This is due to the fact that less tension equals even more serotonin, and additionally due to the fact that when a man is not really stressed and fretted about executing, he will be more loosened up and in control of his ejaculation.

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