7 Reasons To Start A Business In 2019



Are you thinking of starting a business but you not sure if it is the best decision to make? In this article we will be sharing with you some reasons why you should start your own business in 2019.

The situation we find ourselves now in Nigeria is not one that should make anybody rely solely on their jobs.

Every year not less than 500,000 students graduate from the university and are sent to the labour market to find jobs and if you would agree with me the jobs are not there or are given to some selected few with “connections”.

Out of those graduates less than 10% of them get employed and the remaining 90% are left wondering around with nothing to do. This makes the crime rate in any country increase.

You might be saying “well I have a job so this does not concern me” but I must tell you something. In Nigeria today there is no such thing as job security.

Let’s take an example: Intels is one of the biggest service boat companies in Nigeria and anyone working there would believe that no matter what happens their jobs will be secured.

The thing is over the past 3 years this big company has sacked over 3,000 of their employees due to the economy situation of the country.
This should give you an idea why starting a business is important.

There are individual out there that have an idea of starting a business but due to the fear of the unknown they have given up on their dreams. (I hope this article reignite the fire to start your business).

I have always wanted to start my own online business but because of doubt if it would succeed or not I decided to put the idea on hold.
After a while of working in an organisation and finding out that I was not getting the satisfaction I desired, I then went back and against all odds I started my online business and I must say I don’t regret it for a second.

There are lots of reasons why you should start your own business but I will highlight 7 reasons to start a business.

No Job

Like I said earlier there are lots of people looking for job but the jobs are few. The last police recruitment that took place, they were only looking for 10,000 people but over 100,000 applied for the job. If you are a graduate and still seeking for where to submit your CV I think it would be best you start considering what business you can go into. If you are employed starting a business can help you live a better life financially.

Job Satisfaction/Security

You would agree with me that if a survey is carried out to know how many employed workers their jobs gives them the satisfaction they need I can guarantee you that 80% are not getting the satisfaction they need. Most people work not because they love the job they do but because they have to look for a means to put food on the table for their families.



Starting a business is good but i don’t really think business is for everyone.

Instead of forcing yourself to become an entrepreneur, you can opt in to become an Investor instead.
That way you won’t leave your 9-6 job and you will also be making some bucks from the Investment.

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