Acne and pimples


I have been fighting this pimples for 3 months now and it has refused to go. I even changed cream, soaps and wipes still no show. I have used garlic, visita plus and now I am using Clin-Cap which is about to finish still the pimples no shake. Somebody should please help me o! I hate pimples!


Lol just 3 months. That means you’ve always had a clear face prior to now. Sorry about that.
I’ve had pimples for years, I’ve tried sorts and I just gave up using chemicals and the likes.

I just believe it’ll go without at the right time.


My face was clear o and my shakara was too much :joy:, now I can’t do shakara again :cry:


Hahahahaha. Shakara don end. It’ll go, be patient.

  1. And try not to ‘finger’ the pimples, makes them linger longer than usual on your face.

2.Don’t burst them either, they’ll leave dark spots/blackheads on your once-clear face.


I am trying my best


Lol. Pele en


I’ve never had to battle with pimples or (b)acne.

@Chum_Sky check out the tips @KubasuInyanya shared here. The post is mainly about makeup products and brands, but some of the things she shared are natural remedies to get your skin popping and glowing :star2:


This is so true.
Try to be using Cleanser to cleanse your face before you go to bed and after that, use some lemon on it OR you can use some ice cubes to rub it and after that put toothpaste and wash it off when you wake up.


Toothpaste? Are you serious?


Yes :wink:


Have you ever tried the honey and lemon combination? I think it’s your hormones giving you acne.


Only honey works at times too


OK, I will try that


I’m currently using the lemon cure. And my friend says it seems to be working.


It works for me. I have a container where I squeezed one lime and some honey into… I use it when I see I’m having some irritations and pimples. People usually say my face glows whenever I use it.
Also you should try skin success face cleanser, clean and clear or if you want a more affordable one with the same effect of skin success try Royalux then mix it with Glycerin and rosewater to reduce the harshness.


I’m so gonna try this. Thanks jare


You could also try mixing honey with your body cream. The only problem with that would be if you don’t normally cream your face, 'cos then you wouldn’t be applying the honey-mixed cream on your face


I heard sperm also helps in clearing pimples and acne. Many stories I have read online have had women testifying of it’s potency.

If you have bae, you can talk to him to help you donate small for your facial cleansing procedures. And if you’re single…I dunno

And for the guys battling with pimples, you can epp yourself :wink:

Extraordinary things you can do with sperm…I found this online

In sperm, a crystalline polyamine compound called Spermine can be found. This particular compound is also known as an antioxidant. It is believed to diminish wrinkles, smooth skin and help with taming or preventing acne. Bioforskning, a Norwegian company, has synthesized the compounds into a facial cream. According to Bioforskning, the cream Spermine is 30 times more effective than vitamin E and can delay the aging process by 20 percent.

@Sexanon, can you say anything about this?


I wouldn’t know. I know sperm is high in protein, which can be helpful to ease wrinkles. I honestly wouldn’t know, though. You could try googling some reasearch, though. Maybe it’s a mental manifestation kind of thing — who knows! Personally I have never tried this.