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I’m quite proficient with the .NET framework particularly C#. I write elegant C# codes and i’m getting better at developing mobile apps with Xamarin

also, i dabble professionally with WordPress

In search of someone to proofread your book or articles? Feel free to slide into my DM, let’s get that work done. :wink:

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Now school has resumed…
And our classes have started…
We ain’t gonna sly ourselves this semester…
Cos it’s high time we started preparing…
So we gonna cover up for our missed grade points from first Semester…
And be happy achieving Academic Excellence…

So, we’re getting ourselves a scientific calculator ASAP…
I mean ASAP from MCI…

:pager:CASIO FX-991 EX ClassWiz for ₦4500
:pager:CASIO FX-991 ES PLUS (Natural Display) for ₦2500
:pager:CASIO FX-991 ES (Natural Display) for ₦2400
:pager:CASIO FX-991 MS for ₦1500

Wanna be like us?

MCI through:
Fashfocus: 08131991541 (Education, Biobaku and environ)
Lou: 07083733168 (Science and environs)
Simbi: 08185969526 (Management Science, Moremi and environ)
Abdullah Cap: 08138748944 (Engineering and environs)
Murtadha: 08024135885 (in and out of UNILAG)

You can also FI🛠 your faulty calculator and buy Calculator Batteries🔋 of all types from them…

:motor_scooter:Delivery on UNILAG campus is FREE…
Make your order today and be happy…

Check out MCI’s social media accounts:



So where is the place to go? And how much does it cost?

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I am a software Developer with years of experience in building websites/blog/softwares for individual and organizations. You can reach me through or whatsapp: +2348123419967.

Hello Am just a news blogger, Based on Nigeria latest news

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An arts blogger at

We’re planning on creating the largest art environ in the nation and beyond.

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