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I am a software Developer with years of experience in building websites/blog/softwares for individual and organizations. You can reach me through or whatsapp: +2348123419967.



Hello Am just a news blogger, Based on Nigeria latest news

We Deliver Latest News,Education News, Sport News, Business Newsand Politics News


#46, a platform that provides access to Nigerian Lawyers.

For legal documents, business name registration, company incorporation, incorporated trustees (NGO), trademark, copyright, patent, post-incorporations and other paralegal services.



An arts blogger at

We’re planning on creating the largest art environ in the nation and beyond.


You need a “bad-ass” website, top notch graphics work, want your brand to be heard? Trust me! is the answer to all your problems within the digital ecosystem. Visit our site and feast your eyes on our modern UI. Well you can have that in about 2-3 days. See you!!