Advertisement on Zegist


I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this, I noticed there are now ads showing up on Zegist. I kinda find them uncomfortable Tho, Is it part of the upgrade @zegist? @evansakanno @pretyprexy @Yeye @fola @oluwarufus @habeebsanni


Noticed too.

I’m pretty okay with the one at the header…but the ones between comments…I’m not sure I’m so comfortable with it.


Exactly, they keep interrupting a good read.


I noticed it too but I was initially using an ad blocker but I remember we have to generate income to fund Zegist as over 1m was spent last year,hence I disabled my ad blocker for zegist. So it’s kinda fair but as my @Kachie said, we can organize them like Bella naija does… ask her, she knows better and pls, what i if we want to support Zegist, how do go round it. @pretyprexy @Zegist come and answer.


I’m here to answer all your questions.

So guys, ads are here. We have tried to make it as non intrusive as possible as well as provide optimum real estate for Google for revenue.

We have ads at top and bottom however we introduced middle ads as that is where most of our users are reading through.

Here is a metric we want to add soon, based on your Zegist trust level, you get to see less ads.

Businesses pivot their direction from time to time in order to stay profitable. I will make sure we update you all with the new changes. It’s all for the best.

Thanks guys #wakandaforever :no_good_man:t4:


It’s okay if it’s for revenue, we need it. I thought I was the only one experiencing it.


Oh you thought we were hacked… Nah bro.


Yes. I understand now tho.


Thanks bro


Its my Pleasure, always