An Engagement Ring Or Introduction, What Should Come First?


In the process of marriage, what should come first?

  • Introduction to parents
  • Engagement to the lady

Help me unravel this thing on my mind please…


I have never thought about this :thinking: But i think its engagement tho…


I don’t know if tradition is universal in this regard but you should introduce yourself to parents before you touch the hand of their daughter.

It is bcos some parents have their own personal interests that some pipu touch the hand of their daughters to engage them, then still touch other places to impregnate them, then come to introduce themselves.


Same here! But what if your parents object, and there’s nothing you both could do about it; what do you do? Return the ring to him? What if your friends have already posted it on social media?
Please people that are married, what order did you follow?


I think SUBTLE introduction to your parents,from those random visits or family get together.
Then the Engagement can follow.


I totally agree with you


I think introduction to parents first before the engagement ring and then formal introduction where the both parents get to officially know themselves.


I like that one! Subtle Introduction first!


any one can come first joor it just depends on the individuals involved. My brother’s in-law did that oh, the girlfriend’s mother told him to carry himself to her place before he will be carrying her upandan, i think he had proposed at this time


This is the way it usually is, except u both are eloping without her parent’s consent.
How can u engage someone u haven’t met his/her family yet?


Ok wait is it engagement ceremony or giving her the engagement ring? If it is about the engagement ring, then if she agrees to marry u, she goes home to tell her parents she has said yes, then u can now discuss with her on the best day to be introduced to the family alongside ur family of course. Afterwards further arrangements can be made.


How can ur parents reject? Not like u’ve been sneaking to date him. If a lady is of marriageable age, the parents will be anticipating the day she’ll come home to say someone has proposed to her, then they’ll say Ok, bring him for proper accessment after asking u if u’re really sure about him. I believe this is how it ought to be.


SOZ!! :+1:


That’s why @Drew mentioned the Subtle Introduction…


To avoid an emotional hullabaloo, the engagement ring should come first. So, if the introduction resulted into a fiscal truncation, the loss will be bearable. Provided you didn’t propose with very expensive ring :confused::confused:


Which of course I acknowledged and is the most proper thing to do @pretyprexy


In the process of dating, you must have met each other parents, siblings and friends.That way there must have been approval or disapproval of your relationship from the parents, siblings or the friends. It’s not possible or right that your parent will be meeting your spouse for the first time after proposing to you. Then the proposal can follow, then proper introduction of the two families.


:joy::joy::joy: and if u did and she refused u collect ur ring back now


Hmmm… But then you both already know you’re getting married na… What’s then the “Will you marry me?” during engagement?


Knowing parents and approval not equal marriage. So the " will you marry me " still necessary