An Engagement Ring Or Introduction, What Should Come First?


Lol! Not every good relationship end in marriage, the proposal is more or less a confirmation things.


Gbam! You see why it’s better to hear and listen from experienced people :+1::+1:


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Village girl​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Me too I don’t get that too. I know already that we are getting married so all of that drama,am still learning sha​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


I like this one. More or less. God help us oh! We don’t want less​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


This is true!!!


Of course it happens.


Of course it happens.


I stumbled here because my sister’s fiance engaged her wirhout knowing the family at all. On fact, that was the first day i met him as my sis’ bf.

On the other hand, my fiance first did a SUBTLE INTRODUCTION as some of you commented. At first, my parents rejected him but as times went on, I spoke to them, making them see reasons with me until they accepted him a month ago. He is yet to engage me with the ring.

To me, I still insist SUBTLE INTRO first before the ring.


Introduction should always be the first thing before you guys wouldn’t let go of each other should there be a big glitch somewhere along the line. Introduction to the parent also helps reduce the risk in breaking up for no just cause.

Engagement to the lady can come in after few months of understudy for check and balances. Above all, none of these justify a healthy after wedding life. In essence, more focused should be placed on marriage and not wedding.

Thank You


Basically whatever seems to be better for you. But you’re full on doubts regarding the very first steps toward the wedding so I’d suggest reading this article on Dare to Dream.