An insight into nigeria condition


There are very few books that capture the breadth and depth of Nigeria’s contemporary leadership and development experience against the background of its history as Samuel Orovwuje’s Federalism Leadership and Development.

A collection of some of his essays, most of which have been published in Nigerian newspapers and foreign journals, ‘Federalism Leadership and Development’ provides a more than sufficient peek into the Nigerian state and its developmental challenges. Yet, it is not limited to issues about Nigeria, as it delves into international relations and migration, yet another concurrent issue of interest across the world.

Aside from the functional themes of nationhood and development, the book looks at the structural issues of federalism and explores the crisis of leadership both in Nigeria and on the African continent. It also touches heavily on such social issues that have engaged Nigeria’s rulers in recent years, such as same-sex relationships, the Boko Haram insurgency, national security and free speech, leadership, unemployment and the ethos of nationhood. In all, through 45 essays, he dissects the Nigerian condition in a style that anyone can connect with.


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