Analyzing the 12 governorship aspirants in Ogun State 2019


Hon. Suraju Adekunbi

He’s a known expert in oil bunkering and smuggling with high profile record of transferring petroleum products illegally to Benin Republic. He was elected by the very unsuspecting electorates as member representing Egbado North 1 state constituency in 2011. “Birds of a feather flock together”, he was strongly supported for the Speakership position by Amosun to rubber stamp the Governor’s questionable budget and loan request. An action he didn’t deny recently even on a radio programme aired in the state capital. The state’s budget and loan request process since 2011 also corroborated the assertion. He’s now jostling to succeed his mentor as governor in 2019. His choice is before the party for consideration if at all there will be any credible primary election in Ogun APC.


Barr. Biyi Otegbeye (BOT)


He is in the news for eyeing the state’s APC ticket. Biyi is yet to declare and decamp formally to APC. He is a board member of UTH Calabar and a member of SDP on whose platform he contested for Ogun West senatorial seat in 2015 having lost in the struggle for the PDP ticket. He is now a member of Ogun State Judicial Commission in Ogun State. Governor Amosun is reportedly looking towards him as a likely “joker” in the APC gubernatorial contest. How possible is this “political abracadabra” is left for the future to determine.


Jimi Lawal

He is the former manager of the defunct “wonder bank” Alpha Merchant who was convicted for massive bank fraud. This is not new to the people who are abreast of information and national news. He is also a divorcee in the United States believed to be wanted for tax matters there. He has different fraud cases with the EFCC and there is a conflicting argument about his educational claim, a certificate scandal of sort. Not many homes in Nigeria, have fully recovered from the bitter memories of the agony the mismanagement of Alpha Merchant Bank under Jimi brought. He currently serves the Kaduna State Governor as Special Adviser on Investment and bank on the connection of Governor Nasir El-Rufai to make him the Ogun state APC gubernatorial candidate in 2019.


Hon. Abdulkabir Adekunle Akinlade

Involved in 419 activities in the UK. This is what he was doing before returning back to Nigeria. He ran back home when he was caught for such shameful act in the United Kingdom. Owing to his past fraudulent activities, he decided to change his facial look as a means of running away from his shadow and past misdeeds. His decision to change his name from initial Tajudeen to Abdulkabir, same Muslim name, may not be unconnected with his past fraudulent activities. He is fraudster who stole a lot of money while serving as SA to Governor Ibikunle Amosun on Tax matters. The Governor at a time couldn’t comprehend the financial scandal associated with his mentee and partner but instead of investigating him, decided to redeploy him to the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development. He currently represent Yewa South /Ipokia federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Abuja.


Kunle Lawal Moboluwaduro


He was publicly accused by Governor Amosun for mismanaging forestry funds under his watch. The case was later covered by the government in order to avoid public scrutiny and embarrassment for the “Saint” Ibikunle Amosun administration. This same man was a colossal failure in the last local government elections as he lost his ward to the relatively unpopular Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) candidate. Such material is also on the table for Ogun APC consideration for 2019 governorship ticket.


Solomon Olamilekan Adeola


The man also known as Yayi has a controversial ancestral and background issue which has casted so many doubts to his Ogun origin. Many believed he is coming to Ogun state to reap where he didn’t sow. His major albatross is his fallout with the incumbent Governor Ibikunle Amosun who has called him many names like Tekobo and Atohunrinwa. Some people called him a moneybag politician for daring to fund a faction of the APC in the state and mobilizing people for 2019 gubernatorial elections all alone. Notwithstanding his eloquence and active participation in the current Senate, many believe that it takes more than such attribute to govern Ogun state.


Hon. 'Biodun Akinlade

He’s a total misfit who cannot speak simple and correct English without committing a blunder. The three term lawmaker also lacks the ability to engage the public on issue based discussion. Apart from being able to facilitate federal jobs for few of his constituents which is a plus for him anyway, he couldn’t take active part in the real business of lawmaking for twelve consecutive years in Abuja. The reason is not farfetched, only an intelligent person, vast with broad knowledge of national issues combined with good communication skills can perform creditably well in this regard. Coincidentally, Biodun Iziaq stammered, not bold. Lacking in courage to face a large audience on topical issues. A simple phone call to him will attest to the fact. This is someone priding himself as the incoming Governor of Ogun state, the state of Obafemi Awolowo, Jonathan Odebiyi, Wole Soyinka and others! Apart from this, Biodun is fond of jumping from one party to the other like his fellow political prostitute.

Until very recently, he was a member of the PDP where he failed to realize his fourth term ambition in 2015. Before then, he dumped the ACN platform where he realized his third term ambition for the Labour Party. He became a member of the House of Representatives in 2003 on the platform of the PDP. Call him a betrayer; you may not be far from reality. He left OGD political camp for Amosun. From there back to OGD to Buruji Kashamu and back to Amosun. The public is left to draw a conclusion on his aspiration.


Otunba Bimbo Ashiru


Another governorship aspirant with certificate scandal. He allegedly bribed some leaders in Ogun East APC in order to emerge as the consensus candidate of the district amidst controversies which trailed the much touted “Ijebu agenda commission” under Chief Gbolade Osinowo. Asiru is no doubt a desperate politician that should be scolded by Governor Amosun for going against his political master’s believe and equation. Amosun had on several occasions expressed his support for Yewa/Awori otherwise known as Ogun west agenda and not the east where Asiru hails from. On the other hand, some analyst had argued that a recalcitrant Ashiru may have the underground support of Amosun as his Commissioner since the Governor has refused to openly condemn his political moves and campaign making them to doubt the Governor’s sincerity about Yewa/Awori Lokan.


Gboyega Nasiru Isiaka


With his Deceiving gentle look, he is known for taking advantage of different godfathers whom he later fell out of favor with mainly due to his desperation for power. So many people have seen his campaign train as a gathering that can be likened to a family business of sort. A glance at his political camp tells more about him. Those that know him alleged that he is a serial betrayer that is too desperate to be a Governor and fond of spoiling the chances of Ogun West region due to his selfish believe that he is the only and most qualified person for the position. It is not clear as at today where the first class graduate will realize his ambition judging from the fact that he doesn’t belong to any of the PDP factions in the state. A reliable source in the state hinted that Isiaka may be on his way to the Accord Party or SDP but it is doubtful whether he has the financial capacity to fund a new party structure. His first outing under the Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN) was largely funded by former Governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) and other political appointee in the then cabinet whilst the second outing was on the account of Senator Prince Buruji Kashamu and partly Chief Adebutu whose biological son LADO is now contesting for 2019 governorship under the PDP.


Tolu Odebiyi

The son of a former late Senator from Yewa had a court case of raping a young lady who eventually died during sex with him but the case was buried on the recognition and influence of the Odebiyis. His mother Chief (Mrs) Kemi Odebiyi was a former INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner for Lagos State and was believed in some quarters to have made an attempt to alter the 2003 gubernatorial election on the order of former President Olusegun Obasanjo against Bola Tinubu of the then Alliance for Democracy (AD). His greatest undoing is that Tolu is not a grassroot politician. He’s not known even in his Ibooro home town by many people. Despite being a political appointee from his town, he is not in good term with his town head, Oba Salako. He relies on the financial strength and political machineries of the incumbent Governor Amosun to contest the next election. Presently, Tolu is the Chief of Staff to Amosun, a position which makes people speculates that he may be positioned by Amosun to take over from him. Many politician in the state believe that the self-acclaimed successful Estate Manager is too soft for a sophiscated politics of Ogun state and doesn’t know much about the terrain. Some are of the opinion that he will be a Governor to be tele-guided and such is not in the best interest of the gateway state. Like some of the aspirants, his choice is also before the party for consideration if at all there will be any credible primary election in Ogun APC.


Lekan Mustapha

Is a complete corporate guy-man who shouldn’t be allowed to go near any government treasury. He has a track record of being fraudulent as a 419. Lekan is completely an illiterate without any certificate. He is only lucky that the minimum qualification to stand any election in Nigeria is School Certificate (SSCE). How someone like him whose highest qualification is School Certificate equivalent will ever be bold to want to stand governorship election bothers many. His 8years in the National Assembly as Representative and Senator for Ogun East didn’t also show any good stuff about the guy man. Although, some of his kinsmen have a soft spot for him due to his “local life style”. He has not formally declare his intention but believed to be romancing Governor Amosun for the APC ticket. As at last check, Mustapha is a member of the Labor Party where he contested and lost the 2011 Ogun east senatorial seat. He’s not being politically active since then.


Oladipupo Olatunde Adebutu

The seating House of Representatives member from Remo Central federal constituency is another aspirant for the 2019 governorship position in Ogun state. Adebutu is the son of lotto magnate Chief Kensington Adebutu also known as Baba Ijebu. Ladi, a one-time Commissioner II in the local government service commission is a factional leader of the PDP in the state competing enthusiastically with the other faction loyal to Senator Prince Buruji Kashamu. He is seen mobilizing towards his gubernatorial ambition using financial muscle to hoodwink the unsuspecting people. His greatest undoing is reckless life style. Ladi is a terrible smoker, a drunkard who flirts around within and outside the state; a regular customer at Cubans club. He was once diagnosed and treated for a psychiatric related ailment at Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Aro Abeokuta. A brat and money miss road guy who relies heavily on his father’s money and affluence. The older Adebutu (Baba Ijebu) also believe that Ogun people are for sale and he can buy them in order to make his son a governor by all means, even when he’s not fit for such position. Some people are of the opinion that Ladi, a “Chief gambler” will use gambling machine for youth empowerment programme if elected as governor in 2019 having being pictured recently with Ogun state youths showing off the lotto machine given to them by Ladi. To his credit are the transformers donate to some needy communities.


Source: Facebook.


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