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Hello @Zegisters

As most of you know going anonymous is one of the features of this platform so I decided to take out some time to talk about the benefits of going anonymous.

Anonymity is one of the greatest add ons of the internet because it allows people explore their interests and air their opinions without having to worry about being harassed or made fun of. It is an essential tool for free speech and online activism. Furthermore in this age and time when corporations are constantly collecting information and data for political and commercial reasons, the power of anonymity might be the only relief we can get.

While for some, coming out to talk about certain controversial issues non anonymously is no big deal for some it’s a dreaded and near impossible task. Some of the benefits of being able to talk anonymously are as follows

Self Expression/Freedom of speech: It’s easier to be your true self when you go anonymous. Anonymity acts as a shield to protect people from insecurities and manifestations of self doubt, people are able to have conversations and say things that they would never bring themselves to say in front of people and also make enquiries on medical issues they might be too embarrassed to talk about in person.

Freedom of Movement: Anonymity gives people the freedom of online movement, it allows users to shop, watch videos, support a cause or movement, become members of communities they feel connected to without their activities being judged or snooped on by others.

Creating an online persona: For those who have a desire to build an online persona that is different from who they are in real life anonymity provides this. Also, If you’re out to keep your online hobbies and activities to yourself (provided they aren’t illegal) anonymity features are your best friend.

Personal Safety: While this might come off as a surprise, the honest truth is that the internet really isn’t the safest place to be. Anonymity gives you the power to protect personal information like your name, age, gender, occupation, marital status, family and other data safe.

Data Security: With the power of anonymity users can have vital information like their credit card information, monetary transactions, passwords and banking information among other things well protected.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is “with great power comes great responsibility” and there’s almost no better case for presenting this statement than in the case of online anonymity. Anonymity has its pros and cons, it is protective and empowering and it serves as an indispensable tool for cyber and political activists and people trying to escape from their offline personality/reputation but it could also be dangerous if abused. We have to make an effort to adhere to standards and use this tool only when it is needed, going anonymous to troll or shame someone else isn’t proper behaviour and it’s strongly advised against.

For those who have issues or stories they would rather talk about anonymously, Zegist is open to you. Detailed instructions on how to go anonymous can be found here

Any thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of going anonymous?






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