Answer Question to Get Paid on Everyknows


If you are passionate about writing and want to make money directly from answering question that can actually help people - Everyknows is a great platform for you.

This is not another MMM. You can make a whole lot of money this festive just by answering questions virtually on any topic that you have an average knowledge on without spending a dime.

Another good thing you can explore on Everyknows is to use it as a medium to promote your blogs, websites and also build a niche reputation for yourself. Is that not great? Yes it is.

Before, I go on to show you how to make money on Everyknows, let’s take a glimpse of what Everyknows is all about.

To put it straight, Everyknows is a question and answer website operating from Lagos, Nigeria where questions are asked and answered by her members. The website is a great place to share knowledge, ask questions or answer questions. It offers threads in Law, health, Politics, Programming, Relationship, Information technology, lifestyle, Sports, Business, Entertainment, webmaster, Agriculture, Science, Religion, etc.

To make money on Everyknows, you must be part of the Everyknows Partner Program. The Everyknows Partner Program is a Program that compensates members for answering question(s) on Everyknows. Members are financially rewarded based on the number of their upvotes. Don’t worry, I’ll explain that later.

Like I said earlier on, you won’t spend a dime. Registration to the program is free. Professionals, middle-class, students, graduates, under -graduates or anybody with average knowledge on any topic is eligible to participate.

Without further ado, let get started…

Step 1 - Login or signup on Everyknows

Step 2 - Click on your profile icon image (You we see a drop down)

Step 3 – Click on Partner Program

Step 4 – Click on “I Accept” after reading the partnership program agreement.

There are rules and regulations guiding this program which you must not violate.

Tips on how to start earning big money: Your earning is simply base on upvote.

Upvote: Upvote is a way users signify their approval or support for an answer on everyknows. That is to say that it’s a way to measure how many people approve the answer(s) that is in a question.

10 upvotes per answer = N100

20 upvotes per answer = N200

30 upvotes per answer = N300

40 upvotes per answer = N400 etc.

There is no limit to how much you can make. You can make as much as N100, 000 (hundred thousand naira) within a month if you take the program very serious. For example: If you have answered more than 20 questions and have gotten a minimum of 50 upvotes for each answer, which is a total of 1,000 upvotes. That means you be making a total amount of N100, 000 (One hundred thousand naira) in a month.

To attract more upvotes, answer more questions with well detailed and composed text, upload with image that is directly relevant to your answers, share your answers on social media like faccebook, twitter and whataspp.

Now, what if you have answer(s) to questions that is not there. What you have to do is to create the questions for yourself and answer it. Its better you answer questions on what you know best than what you don’t know. This gives you the opportunity to get more upvote.

How do you get paid? The minimum payout on Everyknows Partner Program is N5, 000 thresholds. Once you have met the threshold. Go to your account dash board and request for payment.Within 48hrs, your earning money will be transferred to your bank account via mobile money transfer.

Smart Nigerians have already started using this program to ease their financial stress. Don’t waste more of your MB/ time chatting on Facebook and Whatsapp while you have the chance to make money online with Everyknows just by answering questions.

Remember you must abide by these rules below to avoid been banned from using the Everyknows Partner Program

Rule 1: All answers and images must be directly relevant to the question.

Rule 2: Copy paste or duplicate answer is prohibited.

Rule 3: Your answer must be original (Do not post editorial articles that may be published elsewhere).

Rule 4: Affiliate links in answers, post or link to pornographic material is prohibited.

Rule 5: Do not post racist, insults or personal attacks aimed at another member.

Rule 6: Having multiple accounts is prohibited.




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