Arabic For English Speakers #LessonZero



This is the first class in a series of posts teaching how to communicate in Arabic for people who can already communicate in English.

Who am i?
Mustopha. Daz all.

Er… before you go, I post stuff on Medium and this blog. And I build software for Android and Web.

Does anyone speak/write Arabic here?
Arabic For English Speakers #LessonOne
Does anyone speak/write Arabic here?

That was an epistle.


If you wondering why I am starting this class, there were some people who showed interest. Check this thread.


Hi @Mustopha, please break your post into multiple replies so it’s easy to read. Thanks.



In this class, I will be preparing the ground for how subsequent classes will take shape.

First, we will be learning an Arabic version known as Modern Standard Arabic. In contrast with what I call Local Dialect Arabic (which is Arabic spoken in a particular Arab nation) and Classical Arabic (which is the Arabic version used to write the Islamic holy books.)

English speakers will be familiar with American English, British English and Pidgin English. Once you can communicate in say British English, you shouldn’t have any problem conversing with anyone from around the world. The differences are subtle.

We will not be learning about the religion in this course. Our focus is to communicate, verbally and textually, in the language.



I am still learning the language myself, and I meet my teacher twice during the weekend for about 45 minutes each. He gives me a lot exercises to munch on during the weekdays. But I usually have no time for them until Friday night.

To avoid clashes, I will post the lesson for the week latest 5pm on Friday so you can something to play with during the weekend. If it is not submitted by then, that week will be missed.


A typical week

In a week’s post, the lessons will be divided into 3 parts.

  1. I will address a topic using resources from daily experiences. I should share helpful resources (videos, memes, charts) in this section.

  2. I will share new words (vocabulary) to learn.

  3. I will share exercises to be worked on.


Class flow

This is a very open class. Hop in and out as much as you like. There is no dumb question. And there is nothing like I have asked too much question.

If you ask a question I don’t know the answer to immediately, I will ask for help from others.

If you have any suggestion or idea, please do not keep it to yourself. Share it.


How to learn

From my personal experience, learning a new language is a huge time investment. And Arabic being foreign to me means it takes more time. When I want to learn a new word, I need to repeat over and again until it sticks. And that doesn’t mean it won’t run away again. But when next I come across it, my memory usually navigates to where I met it. And if I still can’t remember the meaning of the word, I just check the book or ask someone close by. I mean, I still don’t know all the words in the Oxford dictionary.:crazy_face:

My approach to learning is to go to a football field around my area, the place is noisy already so no one notices when I am mouthing a word repeatedly. I go there around 9 am and leave for meeting with my teacher around 4pm. In between, I play ball (yes, I’m part of a football team), eat and do all the stuff boys do. If you like riding bicycles, get in touch with me, we will make good pals.

You should find what works for you. Just know that there is no shortcut to learning any language, you have to speak it, write it, memorize it, read it, think in it, for it to become part of you.

Most importantly, enjoy it. Find fun in learning the language.:star_struck:


What is required of you

Come to class.

Don’t give up.

Er… may be submit your assignment before next class.:sunglasses:

Daz all.


What you gain by teaching can strengthen your own capacity for learning. Thank you @Mustopha. I’m looking forward to this particular class.



My aim of doing this is to improve my own communication skills in the language. I want to pick up any book written in the language or walk up to somebody and converse effectively. I hope that by teaching others what I have learnt, the lessons will stick with me more.

In addition, part of my job involves writing technical articles for my company. I will like to write some of those articles in Arabic if possible and reach a wider audience. Hopefully by year end, I can pick this What is a web server and translate it to its Arabic version What is a web server .

All in all, there is no grand plan. I just want to learn the language, daz all.

I hope you enjoy the ride.


What is required of me

Be helpful

Be punctual

Be consistent


Is this better?


Yes much better. Thanks.


Okay. That’s great to hear.


Hi @Mustopha! Will lessons start this week?


I have been thinking about this all weekend. And for some weird reason, I have the draft penciled down (yes, I mean that literary). But work is there.

So yes, #lessonOne will be out this week.

And you’re going to love it.


Ghen ghen!

I’m already looking forward to Friday ngba yen :grin:


Hello @everybody, please, for those of us that want to learn the Arabic language, we have a tutor here.

@Mustopha, you are doing well. Keep it up. I look forward to this class too. All the times I learnt Islam as a course, I never really bothered to learn the Arabic language apart from few stuffs like the Islamic call to prayer which I can comfortably recite, and other stuffs.