Are babies dream killers?

I stumbled on Laura Ikeji’s Instagram page where she posted a picture of herself carrying a baby and wrote, “Awwww. I’m gonna cryyyyy. She’s so adorable,… It’s time Laura for another one.”

I went through the comments section and a particular comment caught my attention.

@fruitandveghub wrote, “@lauraikeji yes I support you, don’t mean to sound mean but babies are time and dream killers. It’s better to do it once and for all and face your life. People will talk but simply ignore them, wish I did so.”

Are babies really time and dream killers? What do you think?

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Well, I never born, nevertheless I can’t say babies are dream killers.

If you want to pursue your dreams even more than Joseph did, so be it, plan yourself abi your life the way you want it.

If you know having a baby may stop you from achieving a particular goal, then that’s why there’s a need for family planning (with your husband though). For instance, some persons can’t cope with having a child while in school(it’s not that easy shaa). If you are married, then there’s a need to discuss that with your spouse.

But, if in a case whereby you already have a baby, nurse that child with all the love and care. Don’t act like someone forced you into taking in and giving birth. You were not walking down Alaba international market and the conception of a baby took place, na wetin you open eye carry, so I don’t see any reason for you to complain about dream abi destiny killer. Be responsible for your actions.


Apparently this is actually a good debatable topic. I just saw this comment from a Reddit user;

I’m sorry but this is entirely wrong on so many levels. The reason people fail to achieve their “dreams” is because the “dreams” we are encouraged to have are grossly unrealistic for EVERYONE, parents and childfree people alike.

You want to be an astronaut? You have to not only get a PhD AND be exceptional amongst PhD level scientists, you also have to be in perfect physical shape and have very specific physical dimensions (so you fit nicely in a space suit). Any slight bit of ill health? Dream over.

Why “billionaire” instead of just “millionaire”? That shift happened probably because inflation increased the number of people who can be millionaires. Being a “billionaire” is appealing precisely because it is impossible for 99.99% of people no matter how hard they work.

I don’t know why our culture encourages people to “dream big” (meaning, dream impossible) but I don’t think the disappointments that follow have anything to do with children.


Exactly my point.


People should be able to own up to their actions. You fail at achieving your dream, it’s your fault take the blame and stop whining about how being pregnant and nursing a child cost you your life but then there’s a thing called ‘family planning’ make good use of that.


I feel having children just requires us putting more effort to achieve our dreams.
More responsibility requires more effort so you don’t sink.

But we (me inclusive) are not ready to put it that extra effort, hence, our dreams don’t come to realization and then we blame childbearing.


I totally concur…

Sometimes, i feel everyone should be like Jesus Christ, flex after you have fulfilled purpose… Jesus finished ministry at 33. So, be single till you have achieved most of your dreams, then marry and complete the rest. So lets say you marry at 33 (Jesus age), you have between 20-33 to achieve your dreams naa, and use the rest to have kids. It doesn’t change the fact that you are responsible for your dreams


Truth is, its absolutely your responsibility to figure out how to achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams… No one should be blamed if your dreams ain’t fulfilled…

Set a timeline and when you intend to achieve these goals and work towards them… No one says you should have a baby when you’re not ready… No one at all! Its absolutely your choice!

Babies ain’t dream killers at all… Don’t even blame them for not achieving your dreams.


Babies are dreams Killer?

Of course, personal thought, No.

It depends on how you see them.

Some have babies when they ought not to get them and undoubtedly to those people they may submit to the sideline.

Truthfully, babies are meant to showcase your completeness as a married couple. When you set in for marriage, you can’t but get babies even if you adopt, in case of infertility.

Babies are dream killers when you are carefree and most especially if you are a young champ who ignorantly birth when you ought to fight your cause.

Conclusively, figure six can be 6 to someone as well be 9 to another depending on the view angle.

If you think, they are dream killers you are categorically right and if you think they are not, you are absolutely right too.


Yeah… True i agree too. The people who will agree to this probably had their babies too early…


Do we even realise that anything can be dream killers. it all balls down to what you actually want and the determination to get .


Exactly, my dear!
That is it. No two ways to it.

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When you know you are still after you dream,why not use protection

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@Joel1 I feel like hugging you right now… Take E-hugs :hugs::hugs:

Issa memory verse!

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You are welcome