Are you a morning or night person?


When are you most productive?

Are you a morning person, who wakes up early in the morning excited and energetic? A morning person usually can’t stay up late at night.

Or are you a night person who stays up late into the night to read m, study, work or just watch movies. A night person finds it difficulty to wake up early in the morning and when they wake up, they are not as excites and energetic as morning people.

Which one are you?

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I’m a night person. I don’t like sleeping at night. That’s when I like to do any work I have to do. Sometimes I stay awake till 3 or 4 am and sleep. So when people are waking up, that’s when I’m going to bed.

But it doesn’t always favour me like when I have to go to church or school or work in the morning which means I have to sleep early at night and wake up early I the morning.

I struggle to wake up early in the morning even when I sleep early at night and I’m usually feeling sleepy in the day which makes me struggle to get work done. But I’m trying to adjust.


I am definitely a night owl … I report to work at 9 am and it’s still a struggle… My brain activates at 12 … I often find myself staying in the office till 9 pm… and I only leave because I have to…

If it were up to me … I’d report to work in the evenings and work grave yard shifts …


Am definitely a night person. I have to set alarm on my phone so I could wake up on time. Although this depends on the season


Morning… can work magic anytime from 4:00a.m

LOL… I will only be up at night if I am getting hot gist from another time zone… #JudgeMe


I wish there were jobs like these


I swear i don’t even know. I’m both


I used to be a night person. Studying, partying and other hmmmm.
Since I enrolled in nursing school I became a morning person by force. When u have a shot load of reading to do, tests to prepare for and patients to attend to, why won’t I?


Fully Night.
My mums calls me a cat sometimes.


I spend most part of the morning doubting my very existence as a human, wondering why I’m still alive and basically feeling like an idiot.

My nights are always lit :fire::fire:


Obviously night. My reply alone and when I come online most times is a strong prove


I think I’m both, wakes up very early and still don’t go to bed until small hours in the morning


I flip between moods.