Assuming the wifey duties when you still have the girlfriend's Title


This if for those women who have taken up the wifey duties still having the girlfriend’s title. I really don’t understand why you let guys trick you into believing that they entitled to your cooking, and cleaning, and ‘secks’, amongst all the other things you do just because you are his girlfriend.

I’m not judging you for having a good heart – really I’m not. And I’m not judging you for sharing the food you cooked with him, or even once in a while taking it upon yourself to cook for him.

I’m merely saying I don’t understand why you think that taking on the responsibilities of his wife, when you are still his girlfriend and he is showing you in all possible ways that you might not just be the one, but still you stand by doing everything just to keep him. Now he isn’t the one chasing you anymore, you are chasing him, trying to keep him.

I still find it hard to believe some ladies go this far to keep a man who doesn’t want them and even if he does, he has to go through the normal steps. Really I don’t have anything against making your man feel good, but i also do believe it doesn’t have to be an everyday thing.

Ladies these days have become so committed they even give the men reasons not to wife them because the already wifed themselves.

Basically this is my opinion, just me ranting, doesn’t mean I am right. Which means I want you guys opinion on this, What do you think, Right or Not? @Bimz @She_n @Aigbomode01 @sayo @abdumansir @abbieng @akhibialfred @Initobiloba @lyndadolly @yeye



Okay, I understand.

But I have been in a situation where I cooked and cleaned for my boyfriend (we were dating as at that time) , but HE EARNED IT, he was my best friend, lover and I felt obliged to help him out because he stayed alone. He had a help , has a laundry guy but I still cook and clean when I have the time. We seldomly spoke about the future at the time because we lived for the present.

I liked it and I will do it over again if I had the chance to. Note my phrase “HE EARNED IT”, I never looked around for a confidant, friend or whatsoever he was always there. So cooking was like the little I felt I could do. It wasn’t even work to me. I wasn’t even thinking of being a wife when I did those things I felt I was helping a friend out and he appreciated the little I could do.

But I get really irritated when guys who have nothing to bring to the table demand or feel entitled to meals or cleaning or all that .I also get irritated when I see girls I know gain nothing but SEX from the relationship do all that cleaning and all but it is their lives , that is how they have been taught to live it.

I can’t blame them though, It is the way the society is structured. “THE WIFE MATERIAL” must be a good cook , laundry woman etc. or else she will be SINGLE for life