Avengers Infinity War - Movie Hangout


Whoop whoop! :dancer:t5:

Disney has released the final teaser for the upcoming film “Avengers: Infinity War” and it has every Marvel leader in it, including Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow, struggling in their fight against villain Thanos.

Zegist Trip: Erin Ijesha Visit 2018

Next month about to be lit :laughing:


I want to be all I am gonna see it but I still haven’t watch Black Panther and am too ashamed to comment


Hope you’ve watched it by now?


Hi @evansakanno Can we hangout while watching this.


Funke Akindele nkor. even if its just her slippers that show. :disappointed_relieved:


@zegisters should we gather to see Infinity war instead?


when is it coming out ?


27th April


Yes. but when?


How about we see both(Acrimony n’ Avengers).


That will be great…
Though it must not be on the 27th


I am down. But it will make sense if we have a planner.

Who is in Lagos we can trust and pay money’s to? This can grow into a Social Prefect Tours gig oh.

@Zoe come and fulfill your destiny of luxury event planning na. You Kuku like travel.

I am thinking of someone that can help us organize a road trip to Erin Ijesha etc

Which tourist attraction sites have you visited and plan to visit?

True, because the cinemas will be choked


I completely agree to this. It needs to be a Saturday or Sunday showing. And we need to buy all the tickets before we get there so we can cover two rows and make noise if necessary


I am down for the noise making!!!


Where is Erin Ijesha?




In Osun State. It is a Waterfall…tourist attraction.
But why there @evansakanno?


My dear, I’m just suggesting. I have seen a lot of happy photos from that place so it’s doing me to go there.

I am most likely down for any good idea