Avengers Infinity War - Movie Hangout




Let’s decide once and for all.

@zegisters interested in seeing Avengers Infinity War with Zegisters in Filmhouse Surulere, let’s vote on the day we will be seeing the movie together. I am giving N500 discount on the movie tickets for the first 20 people who vote and reply “Yes I’m coming”.

  • Friday 27th April
  • Saturday 28th April
  • Sunday 29th April
  • Monday 30th April

0 voters


Yes I’m coming


Guys you want to meet with Teju, she’s helps people with Career counselling.


Yes I am coming


Yes I am coming



yes I’m coming


Yes i’m coming


Where have you been all this while @vhee ?


YES I am coming!


Yes, I’m coming.


Lol. Shei I made the discount’s validity?
Yes, I’ll be there.


Yes, I’m coming


Yes i am coming


Hi there @tejflow


Hi there @tejflow


@Kachie, we will watch our own later, you hear?

Meanwhile, @Otseluv @Uwas, I’m in Benin. We can go to film house or Kada to watch ours.




Great! How about next weekend?

Filmhouse or Kada?