Avengers Infinity War - Movie Hangout


Arrrgh! The great Femi Coker is here. I’m definitely coming




Hello @zegisters

This is what the voting poll looks like so far.


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are around the corner and we need to agree on a date and time.

@Youralibi1, any updates yet?


Saturday is so out of it for me…


Saturday or Sunday should work as I won’t be able to make reservations until movie release on 27th. I’ll reach out to Filmhouse today to see if there’s any opportunity at all to make any reservations before then .

Please, if you are interested, kindly make your payment as this validates your vote and presence. Thanks


Thank you very much!

@everybody, here’s payment details.

Thank you!


Still up for seeing it on Friday? @Deji


I just heard from Filmhouse and the viewing time of the movie will be shared by Friday as their weekly viewing calendar ends on Thursday.

I will share the viewing time on Friday as soon as I get it.


Cant make it for Saturday. Gonna miss seeing you guys again :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:




Not fair! :joy::rofl::rofl:


I am not watching again.


@Monique is something else.:roll_eyes:
I practiced “speed reading” on that post. Unfortunately, I still saw BP and Groot.
But I’m consoled that it can’t be true😌


You must watch o …Beht wait fess, why does your name remind me of gizzard? :running_woman::running_woman::running_woman:


I’m dark :crazy_face:


OMG :joy::joy::joy:.


I love you too :kissing_heart:


A friend who was invited to watch the premiere or preview…said Captain America died and Doctor Strange or someone i think raise him from the dead :smirk:


Are are you spoiling it for us na :rofl::rofl::rofl:


mogbe o:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::ok_woman::ok_woman::no_good_woman: