Avengers Infinity War - Movie Hangout


bet wait. are you trying to tell me you want to eat gizzard, cos girl i got you covered.


Lol, i know the people who died already jare… Yeah doctor strange brought him back to life. I’d leave this thread for you people till i see it tomorrow


why did doctor strange not bring groot, quill to life.:sob::sob:


Come to think of it sef… I am of the opinion that Vision is likely to die too. Make una sef check am na… Movie is tagged “Infinity War” and since Vision is powered by the infinity stones and Thanos is looking for all the Infinity Stones so he can bedazzle his Infinity Gauntlet.

Do the math.


groot grew back nah…


did you read the spoiler alert :point_up_2:


I don’t like maths :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thanos took his infinity stone in the trailer na


Marvel should just let the dead people remain dead. They just keep raise people from the dead all the time as if they are Jesus. Pepper Potts died but was brought back. Agent Coulson was killed and brought back. Wong was also killed and brought back. Quicksilver was shot to death and nobody cared.

We need a real death, and it needs to be someone that matters. It must be Captain America. Reasons i can’t quantify right now sha…


Eeeh but we didnt know if he trully died of it or not…


@W.O @lifeofesse some people are causing us in their mind now o :rofl::rofl: please let us allow others watch it then we can continue the gist.

Tanqui and gorbless :grin:


You’re angry o :joy::rofl:


HEY, shebi you pipu didnt hear or see @Monique comment abi?
cam dan, you will still watch it or not, marvel people will still make their money.


And they won’t dash us :joy::joy:


abi oh


We can use wallet.ng for this…


every one can die but not my Peter Parker and Tony ‘freaking’ Stark




no, cap and doc didnt die

Drax and Vision died rather… SPOILER ALERT


from a reliable source… trust me … i’m a Marvel Fanatic