Avengers Infinity War - Movie Hangout


Hello guys, @youralibi needs us to make payment on time so that she would be able to make the bookings as early as possible. Then also, we need to agree on the time and finalize the day. Please vote or indicate your preferred option in order to make the planning easy for her. Thanks! @zegisters

    • Saturday afternoon
    • Saturday evening
    • Sunday afternoon
    • Sunday evening

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Ma bi nu joor. Just one tinky winky thought tho. Now that the “Biggest Sadist in the Galaxy” is fighting with the Avengers against her father (only because she understands that Thanos killed her sister and fam); and yes no more replacing parts of her with machine.

Can she be happy now?


yes she can


Did all this people really died?? Una want make we begin cry for inside cinema ?


Lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl: stopeet if u don’t want me to stone you




Yes ma


Thanks @monique.

Since we are seeing the movie by evening 5:30pm/6:40 pm will be appropriate.

So far only 2 people has paid to me, I need everyone who will be going to pay as I’ll be making a reservation first thing in the morning.


Thanos demands your silence


Finally, I got to read 21days comments. Before I pay, biko how many people do we have going? Cheers!


gee!! thats so true


is it still happening tomorrow… hang out i mean?


We need to know the confirmed agreed date.

Saturday or Sunday.




There was a poll, only 4 people voted and it’s a tie. We need more votes. Everybody was tagged on it. Please, vote guys.

I’m to settle reservations by morning latest 10 am and I need to have received cash for everyone who is interested at least 2 hours before then.

I posted the payment details initially and everybody was tagged on it.


I have voted already. right about now. there is a tie. Saturday evening and Sunday evening 50%




Showoff :roll_eyes:


No spoilers from me don’t worry :joy::grin:


I wilk be available to see it tomorrow. @Monique @yeye @afolabiabass @atynukeh , @ogeh47 and @habeebsanni indicated interest. @Youralibi1 i have sent 10k to your account.

I’m just wondering If less than 20 people show up, we’ll give a further discount on the movie for those available for that showing time.

@zegisters lets hangout at Filmhouse tomorrow.