Avengers Infinity War - Movie Hangout


Yes o, I will be available :blush:




Have fun guys


Is it 5:30 or 6:40pm?
Is it 3D?
Cc: @Youralibi1


Wish I could make it. Some other time though
Have fun guys.


6:40 pm is fine.


Hmm. I guess I won’t make it then.
I’m not really a night person… logistics challenges.


Is 5:30 okay for you?


Wish i was in the city… some other time though, maybe I’ll be lucky.
Y’all have fun plus I’ll be waiting for the gist.


It’s better, but it’s totally fine if you guys prefer 6:40pm…


Alright… I’ll check. How many spaces should I book?


Movie was awesome but… Y’all go enjoy and let’s gist.


Hello @zegisters we are making final arrangements to see

Avengers Infinity War by 5:30pm in Filmhouse Surulere.

The situation is that if you try to pay at the Cinemas there will be no tickets left so @Youralibi1 is on her way to secure tickets for those who have paid before.

I also kept my word and sent her 10,000 to discount 2D tickets to 1500 for 20 people. But we need to be up to 20. If we have change we will buy popcorn and drinks.

@onsylas @coker_oluwafemi @SamOmidiji @Wale_Bakare @Vhee @brownsucre @Otseluv @tejflow @ewomazino @sandra @ganoris @odideoluwa @VivianO @spicy-rose

Kindly make payments to her immediately via

0086607255, Atere Olubunmi, Diamond Bank

She will be in the cinemas in about 30mins.

Thank you.


Have fun for us guys


I’m interested but I don’t know if I’d be able to make it to Surulere by 5:30 :sob::sob:
I want to pay for my brother and his friend though, can I do that?


@evansakanno, I need an assistance though. I don’t have any means of transferring the payment. Can I pay in cash when I get there, is this allow?

Awaiting your response @Youralibi1, pls I need you for this too. Any show for me?


Same with me


Mayowa you want to get 3 tickets yea?

I will discount for you.

I can pay for extra 2 tickets but make sure you show up so we dont have to extra tickets with no one to use.


How many tickets should i secure?


Sent 5k extra to @Youralibi1 cc @Mayowady @Chimynw @Kenney

Use 737.