Avengers Infinity War - Movie Hangout


I won’t be available. Got a training at the Office :cry:

Have fun guys.




Any number to dial when we get there?


We need a number to call o.


OK… I’m there ooo… Lol no one to call


@Mayowady @Chimynw slide into @Youralibi1 or @Zoe’s Dm to get their number.


just got in…


Just 4 of us ATM.
Guys please come through…
The crowd is cray


Bia you pipu that paid money to go see a movie, wee you get there now.
There is no space for African time o, if you miss the first scene, see just fogerit, nobody will rewind it for you and yee will cry because flesh and blood cannot explain to you.

Oya get going folks


Where are you guys? Y’all are making us speak grammar here o… the seats will go in like 5 minutes…


You people should upload pictures o


@W.O oya come let us talk about the movie :grin:


Me I just want to confirm if at any point of that movie you didnt want to faint and you didnt shout…


That movie is annoying and sad in a way, was telling my friend’s earlier that, if you have to remove the whole disappearing shit from the movie it’s just gonna be a random movie which i some what think it is. It’s not so great in my opinion


I think thats just a twist for what’s coming May 2019


Where are our avengers? Please you people should bring back reviews…


I can’t get over how noisy the cinema hall was. The noisiest I’ve ever been in :smile:



They had better do a good job next year and they should just stop the avengers franchise at Infinity war 2, too many superheroes don’t make lots of sense to me, seeing that we’d get to see more next year too :roll_eyes:


Like why be this annoying! :joy::smiley::smiley: