Avengers Infinity War - Movie Hangout


I swear talking about it now I’m angry i paid to see it, i should have waited till i could download it :joy::joy::joy:


Bro it’s not abeg, you’re a marvel fanatic so your sentiment is coming to play here. That movie is just there


Lol… Pele. Torrents should be out in a week or two :joy:


Can’t rewatch it, once is enough :grin:




And that lady in front that was barking like a dog :joy::joy:


Wee you kipkwayet


Is this even English :joy::joy::joy:


Yes o


Sorry ma but no be lie na :joy::smiley:


Una no tie the person? :joy:


So she go bite person abi


Passing by ooo


I no watch again oh.




All the same it was great seeing you guys(the ones that showed up o!)… Y’all are people (even though Mr. @evansakanno felt like making some changes to the movie, lol) To be frank, I notice I never had any smile on the whole time(I’m sorta pessimistic about socialism and needed a break but it barely worked)… In all, Zegisters are really awesome good looking people with a big heart :facepunch: @zegisters


Did anyone notice tony is now made up of nanotech???:thinking:


No one actually noticed this scene was MIA


True! Hulk was even in an iron suit because he couldn’t transform :smile: