Avengers Infinity War - Movie Hangout


He was undoubtedly the funniest in the movie


It was super amazing seeing the movie with all of you guys that showed up!

I think this is the most emotional action movie i’ve seen in years.

I was just shouting and making noise!!! I was excited mehn.


Guys, I had fun yesterday. I enjoyed the movie and I’m not even a proper Marvel fan :joy:

Thank you @evansakanno !


@Mayowady my friend, you’re welcome :grin:


Fine people :heart_eyes:


He’s been acting lazy since rhagnarok


You should be now


It’s good to know y’all had fun! By the time I’m available to hangout, everybody better be available too :joy::rofl:
@evansakanno will you let me know when the shirt is ready please? Thank you :heart:


Lol. Karaoke on my mind🤣.
Let’s know when you’re back.


@evansakanno, thanks for you warm heart. @Youralibi1, you rock! @Chimynw, nice meeting you. Only you saw all my reactions yesterday. The lady in front was just like, who is this guy nah! @Monique, the sharp eye mistress. @everyone that showed up, thanks. @Youralibi1, I have use your 100 for drink ooo. #winks


Torrents for life :joy::joy::joy:


Very sharp eyes :sunglasses:


Did you shout when Iron Man was stabbed I couldnt watch it… Lol had to cover my face.


@drew !!! You should have watched this one with me!!! I was hurt with what happened to Iron man oh… But his formation in the beginning na serious anointing :raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5:


Loool! Thanks


Awwwwwnnnnnnnnn. People!!!




:joy::joy::joy:I can imagine




You missed out…