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Quite true :thinking:


Most Nigerians have split personality. You can go from being Jide Jones while speaking English to Jide Kosoko when your angry in Yoruba. It’s funny :joy:


what do you think ? :grin:


Inferiority Complex




Me I have degrees in this o. I can switch from correct oyinbo,to Yoruba,or pidgin,or German language. Depends which one u want o. Sometimes I’m so surprised at myself ehn! And I still wan learn Spanish and perfect my French. :blush:


This picture is so sick man! We gave d white folks d upper hand due to our ignorance. But u won’t blame us that much,it’s not easy seeing someone of a different color from u,with good hair and blue eyes and all that without actually tripping or acting silly.
We know better now sha




Mumu smile​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Multi lingua someborri…



Seriously…i’m sure some Nigerians would wish we were or looked like the whites…


I think most Nigerians have that small inferiority complex for white folks. But having traveled to some other sub Saharan nations, I can say we don’t have it as much as the Kenyans for example.

Countries like Kenya have no dominant indigenous culture but a lot of West African countries do.


Can you spot the difference between a Feminist and Feminazi?


Maybe think about it first. Religion ain’t for everyone, neither is atheism.


Sounds 'bout right …


Nawa oo after someone will come and start shouting Greatest Ife :smirk:


Still on Tertiary education :triumph:


:laughing::laughing::laughing: That’s really nice, I should sign up for German class with you.


#sigh :confused:


This dude be smiling like he just made it. :joy::joy::joy: