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I feel GOOD Education doesn’t come cheap.
Even abroad, education is freaking expensive.

Only good thing is there are scholarships available, you can work part time and there are also student loans that help offset the bills a bit for a while till you get a job.

It’s an investment.
It’s just unfortunate that the living standard in Nigeria generally is low…so these fees seem very outrageous


yeah the difference there is that they have access to flexible options for getting an education. In Nigeria everything is just bad.


Schooling in Europe is tuition free oh.


for public schools right ?


Yes which is about 80% of their schools even for international students


wow that’s amazing. how can their govt even afford to subsidize that…oh yeah I forgot–> free market monopoly.


The only thing u would need to worry about is getting the admission, visa, affordable accommodation, and maybe development fees which is about 200euros per semester and then ur normal expenses plus learning their language. I can vouch for Sweden, Germany, Estonia and Denmark


Not in the United Kingdom countries


I really love Germany for education and good thing is there are many grants, funds and scholarships available


that one is no longer “the only thing to worry about”. that is everything na





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Abi o…


Heard Germany pays indigenes from uncle, forgotten what he called it cos his son is being paid. I am like nice one. I remember that time, his son was attend Germany’s Football Academy



Yes,Germany pays indegenes even if u’re black and claim citizenship and then u carry ur lazy ass to social service u get paid for doing nothing. While the hardworking people pay taxes for lazy asses to go queue for money every month. They even pay citizens to attend university. Like they literally beg them to go to school. It is a good thing but everything has it’s pros and cons.


Yeah…so true


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