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Same here. I never really understood that the plastic part wasn’t actually a design.






It’ll be madness overdose :joy::joy::joy:


How to achieve a soundless pee! :joy:




Guys please explain… Biko! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:



Ladies! Is this a thing y’all do?

@pretyprexy @Kachie @Judy





Facts don’t lie

Cc @Udy_Inyang


Say what??


It’s true. If a man cheats on you is cos you ain’t woman enough so you should apologize and do better :grin:


You can joke o. Perhaps the man who cheats is too man enough, over man enough for his wife that he fills her up and remains to fill others. Hmmm



Yes it means he’s too man enough for her. @Kachie I hope you understand.


When @judy @drew @ruthameh125 @ChiQaH comes, hope you can stand erect to salute them


You joke too much! :joy::joy::joy: I was already preparing to send you a punch! even though my fists are all small




That means I’m not a real woman. If thats what it neans to be a real woman, I will gladly be a fake woman.

If a man I’m not married to cheats on me, that’s the end of the relationship. I should apologize for what? Is he the only man on earth? Is it a must to be in a relationship or to get married?