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What to do about marriage.



Hi (most likely Yoruba person)Do you remember playing these game ?


I do o, played those and suwe :joy::joy:


That trading of plates is not the kind of relationship I want. It’s called ojukokoro


selfish guy loool


True (if you believe in stuff like this, I certainly do)




why indeed :smile:


Hopefully it’s not a Yoruba Demon operation waiting to happen.


Because Nigerians twitter users are bullies.



By the way do you have a permanent voters card?


:sweat_smile: so people know.


I almost forgot :pensive: GOD comfort us with an upgraded Andrew Nok.

Rest in Perfect Peace :v:t6:





The irony. The corrupt fighting corruption.



You lost me here


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Haba!


This post reminds me of my school days when I will call one of my elder brother and the first thing he will say is “speak am hearing”. And I am like,you don’t even know why I am calling, no Ruth how are you or does he think everything is about money. Share your experience


:laughing::laughing: This one line responses can be annoying but what’s my own… I do your work you pay me… I’m good!


Skin can’t be clean if the towel is dirty too. A corrupt EFCC cannot arrest a corrupt Head of Service.


@9974610ed493e6e3c5b5 I was referring to this post… About the psychologist and economist