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Amen!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy: What is motivating this kind prayer?


Asweh mesef no know.




Maad line though.

I only know 69 is a semiprime and an odious number






:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: They are for free.



True!! Finger trigger folks would term it slavery and all sort :grin:


I’m sure that’s why they decided to do it like this too :rofl: 'cos even the most innocent acts could be perceived as being insensitive and seen as racism. @agbalumo, I can tell you that some people will look at this pic and still come up with things like “why is the black man at the top? It’s 'cos they know that if the crocodile gets loosed, it’s the man closer to his mouth that’d get killed first! That black man was strategically placed!” :rofl: That would be the thought of some people.


:joy::joy::joy: that was how one lady won grammy award and gave a speech about how dreamers are the ones that built America and African Americans took it personal saying
the country was built by slaves not dreamers. those ones are on another level on sensitivity oo :joy:


I tell you… No be only slaves…






America was built on the back of African slaves so it’s not wrong to say it was built by slaves. However, it was built by slaves under the guidance of dreamers and free thinkers.


As in they will carry your cross for you.


I love this…
“Library a forest of knowledge”



RIP Robbie Williams.