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Asians also faced some discrimination for a while, especially during the 1870 - 1940s but never nearly as much as black folks.


Although it would be more beneficial if we didn’t generalize the issue. Probably more research will have to be conducted so as to determine the root cause of these women killing their husbands. Why not kill the new wife instead?


haha! it’s not the new wife’s fault, it’s the husband’s. People think Yoruba & Igbo men are promiscuous but my GOD it’ll shock you how much of serial womanizing Hausa dudes do, especially as polygamy is normal to them. Feminism and gender equality makes no sense to them, it is female oppression is deeply entrenched in Northern culture, so it makes sense to deduce an ongoing revolution.


No shocks received there. I’ve been in Jos for the past 6 months…the things I’ve seen…let me just say those misconceptions have been completely erased.


enlighten us please. I’m curious now.


If it wouldn’t derail the top.

My bAttery is nearly empty so I’ll have to postpone the enlightenment to a later period. Anybody residing or that has once resided in Jos is free to share in the meantime.

The cold is one important factor.


nawa oo. so people in Jos have sex anyhow ?


Finding used condoms and empty condom packets lying on the road no longer surprises me.

And I see them everywhere…everyday




The recent outbursts by women (who have suffered marital infidelity) would seem to be a revolution against patriarchy.

In itself, it is not a revolution against patriarchy. It is a means to seeking change and it belongs to the rich varieties of reaction against spousal infidelity.

But stabbing is now the leading form of reaction. That women recently began to stab might be because they never get the justice they deserve. For instance, someone was a victim of spousal infidelity. First reaction, she cautions hubby. No way! She then tells the hubby of the other lady. The man in his own wisdom reacts & brings ununiformed soldiers to frisk away husby. At this point, the case is brought before the kinsmen (bcos of patriarchy, it is Hubby’s kinsmen). They blame the legal wife kept arguing that if something had happened to their son…in the end, no balancing up for the lady)


I don’t know if it’s a revolution or not. Violence only brings war. There are better ways to deal with patriarchy and polygamy.

Even if you they keep stabbing, a man that wants to cheat will cheat only that it will be secret.

Murder is a crime, punishable by law. There are a few exceptions like self defence which is clearly not the case here.

There’s no justification for a wife to kill her unfaithful husband



Yeah there is no justification at all. She should always think about her children and again the outcome of such crime. Walking away is better than killing, a man is not worth you spending your life in prison, Nigerian prison fa


Sincerely, just kukuma leave him… Whether there’s marriage or not…


I’ll come at it from 2 angles.

  1. Behaviour is copied, so if a woman is seen or heard to have stabbed her husband to death, then other women who feel oppressed might derive courage from such news to do so. So it’s probably just spreading.

  2. Patriarchy is really prevailant in the north. But female relegation might be the better explanation. some northern wives don’t have much power in the family. so they could be just trying to fight back


True. I doubt any educated Northern female will gladly accept her husband bringing home a second wife.


I doubt too. That’s why women empowerment efforts on the aspect of education are more concentrated on the north


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:ok_hand: on point


Instigating the romance first could have 2 or more outcomes. The man could see you as being clingy or unrealistic or he might just become just as romantic as you want him to be.