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What do you think ?



Lol…I think so. I think I’ve come across some of them.


Explain the concept. Isn’t Feminism inherently displacing a man from his role as Leader of society? Should we consider men who are pro-Feminist traitors ?


I don’t know what you people even call feminists sef…I am not a feminist. I would fight for the equal right and treatment of all.

The ones I’ve seen carrying the feminist matter on their heads…you’ll see them arguing about how women should be entitled to this and that because women are soft and should be handled with care yada yada.

Honestly, I am tired of being treated like glass because I’m a woman with boobs and ass. Every human should be respected and treated as such. Every body needs help and assistance. No gender is entitled to more work than the other. We should all work to create valuable and healthy relationships.
That’s my take on this.







Oh wow! @NaijaLander. My idea of feminism is different.
Nigerian feminists have made me believe that it’s all about women alone.


It’s not actually. @KubasuInyanya should be able to explain more to us. I told her I felt weird admitting I agree with feminists recently and she went off on me.


Either ways you don’t seem like a feminist to me. Don’t contradict yourself.


what do you mean? I am such a feminist. Remember that time I tried to get you ladies to pay for Valentines ?


I’m literally rolling my eyes at your response. It’s too early to delve into this conversation with you.


You will have to convince me I’m not a Feminist.