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Lol… This is sick AF

Says who?

How do you know when it’s safe? Them no dey write am for face o




@NaijaLander oya answer


you don’t know when it’s safe. I meant someone close, like a gf.




And you think it’s safe with a gf too?


Probably not in every case but it can be forgiven (I think).
Like they say; you can’t be too safe.


Even with a gf, you can’t be too sure. Also, you don’t want to have unwanted pregnancy…the pulling out game sometimes fucks up cause the p####y too sweet.

Or will you prefer her swallowing levonogestrel?


You know I’m not a child anymore so if it happens, it happens. I just pray it’s with a good woman.




To give woman belle de hungry you?


Ok o


Well, truth is, sometimes we do stupid shit in the name of konji and the girl isn’t someone you ever want to marry or have children with. Are you honestly telling me you’ll wife her or have her keep the child if it happens?


For us toh be knacking in the first place means she’s wifeable so yeah why not.

I’m not a child anymore abeg.



My bloodline must kontinu ni


Hahahaa… Okay, if you say so. But I find this hard to believe. So you saying every girl you knacking right now is wifeable for you (if gbege burst)?


So you’re trying to say all the ladies you’ve knocked are wife materials? If So, why haven’t you wifed any?

Oya gaan marry :relieved:


In recent years, I believe so. I’m not as sexually active as I used to be.

These days I’m not knacking unless I’m in a relationship.


In recent times, yes.

Because marriage is not all about knacks but if she get’s pregnant, it’s not really a bad idea.


If you say so. It’s also quite interesting to know that you ONLY now knack whilst in a relationship. Nice!