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For someone as learned and calculated as you (my thoughts), I wouldn’t have believed you will ever subscribe to such an ‘if’ statement. That she is wifeable and you’re of age doesn’t mean you exactly want/are ready for a baby. Or are you?


You are right, I normally wouldn’t but I have been feeling like perhaps I’m the problem recently. Maybe there is no perfect woman out there. Maybe men are just meant to be miserable in marriage. So may if she’s good enough to be knacked, she’s good enough to marry.

I want a baby dude, I want a baby so bad. Twins in fact, 1 boy, 1 girl.


You won’t marry her if she gets pregnant ?


We both know there’s no perfect woman same as there’s no perfect man. It’s more about picking your battle.

Well, we have the power to make of our marriage what we want of it. Men don’t always have to be miserable. At least I know some men that aren’t and I bet you do too.

Nice! Really nice! I also want a baby girl sadly most ladies don’t want a baby out of ‘wedlock’.

She won’t get pregnant unless I want her to or we both agree to have a baby. Bruh, condoms everywhere man…everywhere!!!


You don’t mind a baby out of wedlock ? If you dn’t marry a Nigerian girl after knocking her up, she starts to feel betrayed. If you want the baby, you have to want her too. Most Nigerian women don’t buy the idea that you can love your kids without loving their mom.


and we are back to it. Condoms suck! They remind me sex is ideally meant for marriage.


Well… Sadly that’s how it is here

On the contrary, I plan using condoms in my marriage. Condoms aren’t used because you’re not married or just to prevent transfer of STDs you know?


Birth control, I get it.

I guess it’s fine if it’s about family planning. Withdrawal has always worked fine for me. The p*$$# is sweet but you just try…pull out game making brain :wink:


Pregnancy shouldn’t be the reason for marriage


I actually wanted one




Bruh!!! Wait till you meet that one lady. I swear you’ll give yourself reasons why you shouldn’t pull out. You’ll just be like whatever will be, will be :joy::joy::joy:




:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: alakoba




You do know that one reason why I love you is because you’re the deviation among Nigerian ladies.




Please edit it to “some Nigerian girls”…some of us just want the child and then move on with our lives


Lol… You don’t wanna be in that position bruh. You’ll just be praying she’s in her safe period after you don extinguish your load.


Love love :roll_eyes:

You want @NaijaLander to start suspecting us again abi?